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Screen showing flight cancellations at airport

What Are My Rights if My Flight Is Canceled?

Ed Perkins - July 15, 2021
According to recent data, only 1.59 percent of all U.S. domestic flights were canceled, and…
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A Look at Low-Fare Airlines in Canada and Mexico

Ed Perkins - January 5, 2020
Although the domestic U.S. low-fare airline scene has been pretty static lately, there's lots of…
Airplane Window Shut Flight Attendant Close Sleep

Can a Flight Attendant Force You to Close the Window Shade?

Ed Perkins - July 25, 2019
A reader recently sent me an intriguing question. The email, edited for length, detailed the…
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A Look at Small Jet Options in the U.S.

Ed Perkins - July 11, 2018
While the recent large-scale startup scene has been concentrated in Canada and Europe, the emerging…
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Transatlantic Budget Bonanza: Low-Fare Airlines to Europe

Ed Perkins - June 12, 2018
For the remainder of the summer, no fewer than 10 specialist low-fare airlines will fly…
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Flyers Could Win Seat Space, Lose Fare Transparency with New FAA Bill

Ed Perkins - May 1, 2018
The U.S. House of Representatives just passed its version of a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)…
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Is a Supersonic Flight in Your Future?

Ed Perkins - April 11, 2018
You may have seen recent news about a big contract NASA gave Lockheed-Martin to develop…
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7 Airfare Code-Sharing Gotchas That Could Ruin Your Trip

Ed Perkins - April 5, 2018
Log onto American Airlines for a flight from Chicago to London in mid-April, say, and…
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Will We Ever See Transparent Pricing on Airfare?

Ed Perkins - April 3, 2018
You've probably noted the very public tug-of-war between big airlines and online travel search sites…
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Red-Eye Flights Aren't Your Only Option to Europe Anymore

Ed Perkins - April 3, 2018
Are you among the many travelers who believe that overnight red-eye flights in economy class…