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Can Peer-to-Peer Car Rentals Solve Your Airport Parking Problems?

Ed Perkins - April 3, 2018
If you plan to park your car at an airport for more than a day…
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The 4 Different Types of Economy Airfare, Defined

Ed Perkins - March 16, 2018
Choosing an airline is no longer as simple as economy, business, or first class. The…
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New Bidding App for Last-Minute Air Tickets

Ed Perkins - March 16, 2018
The new Air Ticket Arena app allows you to bid on available last-minute seats—within two…
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What Is Dynamic Pricing? Why Airfare Results Could Soon Depend on Who You Are

Ed Perkins - February 28, 2018
There’s a mounting possibility of a big shake-up in how you purchase your airfare, some…
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11 New Air Routes That Promise Cheap Flights in 2018

Ed Perkins - January 26, 2018
New air routes by low-fare airlines promise great deals for budget-minded travelers across the globe…
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Is Credit Card Insurance Enough?

Ed Perkins - January 16, 2018
"Does my credit card provide enough free travel insurance?" We often hear that question, and…
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6 'Unknown' Transatlantic Airlines You Should Consider in 2018

Ed Perkins - December 19, 2017
Next year will see the continuing expansion by low-fare airlines offering flights from the U.S.…
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What Happens When an Airline Loses My Bag?

Ed Perkins - December 19, 2017
If an airline loses your checked baggage, it is liable to compensate you for the…
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Air-Passenger Rights: The on-the-Go Guide

Ed Perkins - June 15, 2016
Ever wonder what recourse you have whenever a flight is delayed or canceled? Is anything…
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Make Travel Vouchers Work for You

Ed Perkins - June 9, 2016
If you travel even a modest amount, you're likely to find a situation where a…