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Man wears headphones for Zoom meeting

7 Best Wireless Headphones for 2021

Megan Johnson - December 1, 2021
Whether you’re listening to the latest episode of your favorite podcast, your favorite musician, or…
Carry-on luggage in overhead bin on airplane

The 8 Best Lightweight Carry-On Luggage Under 5 Pounds

Megan Johnson - November 23, 2021
It has happened to all of us: you find the perfect carry-on bag that is…
Woman in airport terminal resting feet on carry-on luggage

The 10 Best Underseat Carry-On Bags for Basic Economy

Peter Thornton - November 23, 2021
By now you've probably taken notice of all the many super cheap Basic Economy fares.…
Man searching for flights on laptop

The 6 Best Flight Search Sites for Finding Cheap Flights

Tracy Stewart - November 23, 2021
Flight-hunting for your next big trip? There are tons of booking sites, or online travel…
Two passports, a small wrapped gift, and a toy airplane on a blue background with snow in the foreground

6 Weird Travel Items You'll Want to Gift

Nevin Spearman - November 15, 2021
Got a few travelers on your list? Trust us, they already have all the luggage…
Couple taking a selfie with a selfie stick on a city street

7 Travel Gadgets You Don't Need (and What to Buy Instead)

Nevin Spearman - November 12, 2021
There are all sorts of gadgets out there that promise to make traveling easier but…
Close-up of person wearing lace up winter boots

These Are the Best Winter Boots for Travel

Rachel Ann Brickner - November 10, 2021
The quest for the best winter travel boot can be daunting. Whether you’re looking for…
Woman standing next to a stone wall overlooking the ocean

7 Travel Luxuries Even Cheap People Should Splurge On

Patricia Magaña - November 9, 2021
Some may call it cheap. At Airfarewatchdog, we call it being smart with your money.…
Close-up of person packing a suitcase of rolled clothes on top of bed

Travel Clothes That Do Double Duty

Patricia Magaña - November 9, 2021
Once upon a time, suitcase size didn't matter much. Chronic overpacking was a cute quirk,…
Alt tag not provided for image

10 Trusty Travel Items for Under $10

Ricky Radka - November 1, 2021
Travel doesn't have to be expensive, and neither does the gear that helps get you…

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