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Airfarewatchdog is run by a group of people really passionate about travel — and we get pretty excited about finding great deals. Every day, we search over 20,000 routes to find only the best fares available on trips you want to take. And we’ve been doing this for more than 10 years, so we know a great deal when we see it!
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Top Value
We look for great deals on trips we want to take. Short flights, limited stopovers, and top routes.
Real Time
Prices always change. We send instant alerts so you can see the best deals before they sell out.
Human Crew
Our job is finding and sharing great deals. We spend all day doing it, just check your inbox.
Complete Coverage
We search thousands of routes, airlines and hotels to find only the best deals available now.
Trips Made Possible
Spontaneous Escape
Martinique, $200 roundtrip
"When I saw this fare, I had a few vacation days left to use up. So I booked it! If it wasn’t for the deal, I wouldn’t have thought Martinique was affordable. Turns out, it’s cheaper than visiting my sister in Miami!"
- Aline, member since 1998
Romantic Getaway
Guadeloupe, $162 roundtrip
"AWD helped my girlfriend and I book a super cheap flight to Guadeloupe last February. We weren’t actually looking, just clicking around exploring cheap flights from Boston. $160 RT to the Caribbean was too good to pass up..."
- Jason, member since 2008
Family Reunion
Lima, $399 roundtrip
"My daughter and her husband work in Peru. They have an 18-month old daughter. I was thrilled to be able to bond with my granddaughter and spend Mother’s Day with my daughter."
- Jean, member since 2008
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