Jackson Hole, Vail, Montrose on sale from American Airlines

Tracy Stewart, June 10, 2011
Fares from Washington DC, District of Columbia:

    American is having another little summer sale to/from Jackson Hole, Vail, and Montrose. It's rarely cheap to fly to these places, and while some of these may be a tad higher than previous "ski-town" sales we've seen from American, they're still currently the best on offer. Sale fares are valid for travel to Vail, Jackson Hole and Montrose Sunday through Wednesday and from Vail, Jackson Hole and Montrose Tuesday through Friday.

    Fares are not valid for travel to Montrose: July 3. Fares are not valid for travel from Montrose: July 5-6. A 2-night minimum stay or a Sunday-night stay is required.

    Tickets require a 7-day advance purchase. Fares include:

    Austin to Jackson Hole $358 round-trip

    Austin to Montrose $244 round-trip

    Boston to Jackson Hole $432 round-trip

    Birmingham to Montrose $350 round-trip

    Chicago to Jackson Hole $430 round-trip

    Chicago to Montrose $304 round-trip

    Dallas to Montrose $270 round-trip

    Ft Lauderdale to Jackson Hole $432 round-trip

    Ft Lauderdale to Montrose $358 round-trip

    New York to Jackson Hole $430 round-trip

    New York to Montrose $378 round-trip

    Washington DC to Jackson Hole $416 round-trip

    Washington DC to Montrose $354 round-trip