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American Express Membership Rewards vs. Citi ThankYou Points: Which is Better?

Jason Steele - November 13, 2019
The best way to earn airline rewards from your credit card is to use one…
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The Worst Mistakes Travelers Make at the Airport

Tracy Stewart - October 11, 2019
  There’s plenty that can, and often does, go wrong in those critical hours leading…
young child cries on an airplane

JAL's Seat Map Feature Helps You Avoid Crying Babies on Flights

Tracy Stewart - September 26, 2019
If you knew in advance that a child was seated in your row, would you…
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What Not to Buy at the Airport: The Most Overpriced Products

Nevin Spearman - September 16, 2019
Airport shopping can be an enticing distraction when you're bored or stuck on a long…
A sample of liquid free toiletries including shampoo and conditioner

Liquid-Free Travel: These Are the 7 Best Solid Toiletries for Your Next Trip

Nevin Spearman - September 11, 2019
At some point in your travels, you've probably received a finger-wagging from the TSA for…
Seattle Washinton SpaceNeedle Skyline Sunset Space Needle

For Labor Day Travel: San Francisco to Seattle $307 Roundtrip, Nonstop, on Delta

Tracy Stewart - August 14, 2019
For travel over the Labor Day holiday, fly nonstop from San Francisco to Seattle for…
Sunset on North Avenue Beach in Chicago

For Labor Day Travel: Boston to Chicago $299 Roundtrip, Nonstop, on American

Tracy Stewart - August 14, 2019
For travel over the Labor Day holiday, fly nonstop from Boston to Chicago for $299…
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Finally! Middle Seats Will Soon Be Larger on Some Airlines

Tracy Stewart - August 7, 2019
  Be it window or aisle, everyone has their preference when it comes to choosing…
Dog looks out over the Thames River towards the Tower Bridge in London

8 Dog-Friendly Things to Do in London

Kieran Beckles - August 7, 2019
London is a dog-friendly city with lots for you and your pooch to do. Having…
Pink luggage gray toiletry kit gray backpack pink crossbody bag

The 7 Best Deals for Travelers from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Nevin Spearman - July 26, 2019
Nordstrom is having its annual anniversary sale until August 4th. Shoppers can grab dozens of…

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