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Airfarewatchdog lists low fares that are found and verified by humans. (Yes, real humans!) Our dealhounds check fares on all airlines, from the major carriers to the little guys. We even list promo codes and airline site-only fares you can't find on other sites.
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City-to-City Fare Alerts
Send me route specific alerts for round-trip fares between the following cities (such as: JFK to SFO). If your city has more than one airport, you should sign up for additional alerts for the same route (such as: LGA to OAK, and JFK to OAK).
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Departure City Fare Alerts
A grab bag list of all the cheap round-trip fares we've found departing from your local airports to multiple destinations.
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Arrival City Fare Alerts
Or any other city you'd like to rendezvous. Planning a wedding? Reunion? Polar Bear Club dive? A list of cheap round-trip fares to a single destination from multiple cities so everyone can fly from their home airport and meet up in one place. Also a great way to comparison shop fares from nearby departure cities. You may find it's cheaper to reach your dream destination if departing from a different airport!
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Airfare Insider
Get insider information about the top news and trends in airfare and travel, plus our very own George Hobica's expert analysis. Fly smarter-and for less!
Hotelwatchdog Hotel City Alert
Send me the best hotels - analyzed for price, location, and rating - for my city interest.
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Hotelwatchdog Deal Alert
Like staying cheap? Sign up to have Hotelwatchdog occasionally send you money saving ideas from Hotelwatchdog and our partners.
Get alerted on ways to save for your upcoming trip and helpful tips while you plan.
Airfarewatchdog Updates
Like traveling cheap? Sign up to have Airfarewatchdog occasionally send you money saving ideas from Airfarewatchdog and our partners.
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