The 10 Busiest Airports This Holiday

Tim Winship, November 10, 2014
Fares from Washington DC, District of Columbia:

    Airlines for America, the trade group that represents American airlines, today released it annual forecast for air travel during the Thanksgiving period (Friday, November 21 - Tuesday, December 2). If you flew over Thanksgiving last year, this year will be pretty much deja vu all over again. Passenger numbers are expected to tick up only slightly, by 1.5 percent, to 24.6 million. The 10 busiest airports, from most to least busy:

    1. Atlanta
    2. Los Angeles
    3. Chicago
    4. Dallas - Ft. Worth
    5. New York JFK
    6. Denver
    7. San Francisco
    8. Phoenix
    9. Charlotte
    10. Houston International

    Again, no surprises there. The most actionable of A4A's forecast may be the most and least busy travel days. The busiest days, as you'd expect, will be as follows:

    1. Sunday, November 30
    2. Monday, December 1
    3. Wednesday, November 26

    And the least busy days:

    1. Thursday, November 27 (Thanksgiving)
    2. Friday, November 28

    So, if a comfortable, low-stress travel experience is a priority, book away from the heaviest travel days. Otherwise, be prepared for long lines and full flights. Just like last year. 

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