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Person in white shoes with a backpack standing at a line in the asphalt marking the Canadian border

Canadian Border Will Finally Open to Fully Vaccinated Americans

Megan Johnson - July 20, 2021
The long wait is over! Americans can finally head back to Canada. That is, as…
Three friends with their arms around each other, waiting for the train in Porto, Portugal

9 Amazing Travel Deals and Incentives to Get You Traveling Again

Megan Johnson - June 28, 2021
It doesn’t take a genius to realize the tourism industry took a huge hit in…
Multiple cars in heavy traffic

The Best and Worst Times to Travel for July Fourth Weekend

Caroline Morse Teel - June 23, 2021
The Fourth of July weekend looks like it will be a busy one for 2021,…
Border between the United States and Canada

When Will the US-Canada Border Open?

Megan Johnson - June 22, 2021
Since March of last year, the US-Canadian border has been closed. With summer quickly approaching,…
Woman standing at arrivals/departures board in airport, wearing a face mask

When Will Borders Open?

Peter Thornton - April 20, 2021
It has now been over a year since borders around the world closed to international…
Lost Luggage Airline Loses Most Baggage

The U.S. Airlines Most Likely to Lose Your Luggage

Caroline Morse Teel - March 30, 2021
There is nothing worse than that awful stomach-sinking moment when the baggage carousel comes to…
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Can Immunity Passports Really Work for Air Travel?

Elizabeth Heath - February 23, 2021
With the travel industry still reeling in the midst of the pandemic, a new lifeline…
Airplane flying over dry coastal area

How Can You Reduce Your Carbon Footprint When Flying?

Tracy Stewart - January 27, 2021 Flying connects people from different cultures around the world, but, for all the good…
Airlines Offering COVID-19 Tests

Airlines Offering COVID-19 Tests

Peter Thornton - January 19, 2021
In 2021, expect to add testing to the pre-flight checklist, especially now that the U.S.…
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The Germiest Thing at the Airport You'll Probably Want to Stop Touching

Tracy Stewart - November 23, 2020
You don't need to be told that airports are pretty dirty places. One trip to…