Travel Gear

woman outdoors with backpack on a hike or walk in nature

8 Essential Items for Outdoor Adventures

Ricky Radka - March 25, 2020
Just about every adventure traveler will tell you that bringing the right gear can make…
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The Best Rain Jackets for Spring

Tracy Stewart - March 24, 2020
Before we get to May flowers, we must first endure those spring showers. Suit up…
Little sisters cooking with her mother in the kitchen.

7 Ways to Satisfy the Travel Bug at Home

Peter Thornton - March 23, 2020
Feeling the travel itch but stuck at home? Here are a few simple tricks to…
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The 8 Most Comfortable Jeans for Every Traveler

Patricia Magaña - March 23, 2020
“Comfortable” and “jeans” don’t often land in the same sentence. No matter your preferred style,…
Woman with cool sunglasses and cute dog

The Best New Sunglasses for Spring

Patricia Magaña - March 20, 2020
Sunglasses come in all shades, shapes, and sizes--each one as individual as you. Illuminate your…
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The Best All-Purpose Tote Bags

Megan Johnson - March 19, 2020
Of all the types of bags people choose to lug along to the market, the…

How to Avoid Getting Sick After Flying

Tracy Stewart - March 15, 2020 Do you tend to get sick after returning home from a trip? It’s not…
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The 5 Best Waterproof Shoes for Spring

Airfarewatchdog Staff - March 15, 2020
No matter what the forecast may say, the weather is a wild card entirely out…
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9 Smart Ways to Use Your Amazon Prime Account When Traveling

Patricia Magaña - March 6, 2020 Whether you’re traveling or staycationing, get the most out of your Amazon Prime membership…
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What to Wear When Flying First Class

Rachel Ann Brickner - March 4, 2020
Want to fit in when flying first class? The secret to looking like you belong…

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