Launched in 2019 via a Kickstarter campaign, Kabuto luggage is now on its third wave of smart luggage. Starting with the carry-on, Kabuto has now added a smart backpack and a smart trunk to their lineup, completing all of your travel needs: personal item, carry-on, and checked luggage. 

What is Kabuto Luggage? 

Kabuto luggage is truly luggage for the ages. Lightweight, yet extremely roomy, with all of the modern tech you need for your devices.  Founded by Jérôme Tricault and Louis Develay with the “mission of making travel a stress-free journey.” According to Tricault, Kabuto luggage was created because “​​the need for smarter, more organized travel has never been greater, which is why we designed the new smart trunk and backpack that allows travelers to roam the world with ease.”

What Makes the Kabuto Carry-On Different?

Three views of the Kabuto expandable carry-on suitcase

The question should be, what makes the Kabuto carry-on the same. There are so many innovative features on the Kabuto suitcase. The fingerprint lock makes securing your items a breeze. These days, not having to fuss looking for your charger while at the airport is dream-worthy, and Kabuto’s built-in charger makes these a reality. With several compartments, an outer shoe section, two outer pockets, there is a place for keeping your travel necessities organized. 

How Does the Kabuto Carry-On Measure Up?

Ease of Use: 8/10

While most of the traditional suitcase components are easy to use, figuring out how to take the business pack off took a little finagling, and putting it back on was even harder. Once you get the hang of it though, it should be easy. I also had a hard time figuring out how to lock the suitcase. The user guide is minimal and could be a bit more substantial to help with these issues. The details for recording your fingerprint in the user guide are fantastic, but everything else you are on your own for figuring out. With no real user guide, had to fiddle around before I figured out I needed to unlock it again with the key before I could lock it by simply putting the zipper pulls into the lock. Again, once you figure it out, it’s easy, but getting there is half the battle. 

Cost: 3/10

This is not a budget carry-on. The expandable Smart 4-Wheel version will set you back $768, while the non-expandable one is $413. 

Capacity: 10/10

The Kabuto Carry-on has loads of space for all of your travel needs. With a shoe compartment on the bottom, plenty of pockets, a spot for your laptop, and a removable sleeve for a 13-inch laptop or a tablet, there is room for everything. Plus, if you go a little crazy shopping on your trip, no need to worry about having extra space, as it expands, adding 50% more room to pack. 

Kabuto Carry-On Pros:

  • Detachable sleeve to store your laptop, tablet, phone, wallet, passport and other travel essentials. 
  • In the carry-on is a TSA-approved 10,000 mAh battery-pack capable of charging all your electronic devices. 
  • Ultra-quiet and smooth wheels. 
  • Expandable
  • Outer charger outlets make charging a breeze while on the go. 
  • Waterproof 

Kabuto Carry-On Cons:

  • User-Guide is minimal and needs more extensive explanations. 
  • Pricier than a basic carry-on. 
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