It is a traveler’s worst nightmare (aside from canceled flights): lost luggage. We’ve all heard horror stories about people losing their luggage, and there is even a website where you can buy items found in unclaimed luggage. To avoid seeing your personal items on the Unclaimed Baggage site, it’s best to secure your bag with a luggage tag. A rule of thumb with luggage tags is to not be too specific (like don’t put your full home address), but enough information so you can be reached if your luggage is ever indeed lost. Here are some of the best luggage tags to put on your suitcase for your next trip. 

Coach Luggage Tag

Black luggage tag from Coach

Keep your bag safe and stylish with this luggage tag from Coach. Simple, yet sophisticated, this tag is made with refined leather, has a strap with buckle closure, you can securely store your information in the inner slot. Available in black or brown, you can get it monogrammed for free! 

Kate Spade Let’s Go Luggage Tag

Pink circular luggage tag that says "Let's Go" in purple letters

Super cute, this luggage tag by Kate Spade will add a flash of pizazz to your suitcase. Made with a leatherette material, it will make even the plainest of bags easily spotted on the conveyor belt. 

Niemen Marcus Personalized Luggage Tags

Several luggage tags in different colors

If you don’t want to write your information on the card typically provided with a standard luggage tag, these personalized luggage tags at Niemen Marcus are just what you are looking for. Personalize these plastic tags with your name and address, each line can hold up to twenty-two characters and/or spaces. They come in packs of three, so you can use them on all of the luggage in your set! 

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Disney Luggage Tags

Two luggage tags with Mickey Mouse on them

These personalized Disney luggage tags are perfect for a trip to Disney, or for anyone who loves all things Disney. One side features Mickey Mouse, and the other has your personal information. They are durable and adorable! Choose from two designs, and either a leather or plastic strap. 

Dynotag Smart Recovery Luggage Tag

Metal luggage tag with a scannable QR code

Could these luggage tags be the way of the future? If the growth of smartphones and smartwatches is any indication, all signs point to yes. Made with ultra-durable aluminum, simply fasten this tag to your bag, and if your bag gets lost, the finder of it can scan the QR code or go to the website listed, and get put in contact with you! Once the code is scanned, you’ll get an email alerting you that it was scanned, and you can get in touch with whoever has your bag. No app is needed, simply set your account up online before traveling. 

Ovener Silicone Luggage Tag

Two green luggage tags with airplanes on them

For the budget-conscious, try these silicone luggage tags from Ovener. Bendable, long-lasting, and available in several bright colors to make your bag stand out, these luggage tags get the job done without breaking the bank. Fill out the id card and slip it back into the sleeve, where it will stay protected throughout the journey. 

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Fintie Two-Piece Luggage Tags

Two luggage tags with a print of Van Gogh's Starry Night on them

Add a statement piece to your suitcase with one of these luggage tags by Fintie. Choose from an array of fun designs, like blooming hibiscus, van Gogh’s Starry Night, and other fun patterns and colors. Made from synthetic leather, with steel loops to attach to your luggage, the tags include two identification cards to fill out, but are also big enough for you to slide your business card in for easy identification. 

International Luggage Tags 

Four luggage tags and a metal container with imagery from Italy, France, England, and the United States

Jetsetters will love these metal luggage tags featuring France, England, Italy, and the U.S. Write your information on the card and place it securely inside. The four-piece set comes in a cute metal storage box, which you can use to keep the tags in or to store other personal items. Each tag has its own metal chain for easy attachment to bags. 

Personalized Leather Luggage Tags

Tan leather luggage tag

These personalized leather tags are hip and to the point. You can get them embossed with as much or as little information as you want: name and email, or your name, phone number and address - and any combination in between. The more information you get, the more expensive it is, so just be aware! Available in five different leather colors. 

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