By now, you’ve probably heard about Amazon Prime. And, guess what? It’s not just about free 2-day shipping. There are a whole lot of other perks that come with it, many that are super beneficial to travelers.

The Best Amazon Prime Perks for Travelers

Here’s a guide of some of the best Amazon Prime Perks for travelers. At just $119/year, or $12.99 a month, you may find the investment worth it.

Prime Shipping Perks

Prime offers more than just free 2-day shipping when it comes to it's shipping perks. Prime also now allows free same and 1-day delivery on many products. You can also earn rewards on orders if you opt to receive them just a bit later. Did we mention you can also create an Amazon Household and share your perks with the whole family?

Prime Music

You can get over 2 million songs for free with your prime membership and prime music. With the Amazon Music app, you’ll be able to listen to pretty much whatever you want, without the nuisance of ads. Ideal when you are traveling and just want to sit back and relax while listening to music.

Prime Video

Stream hundreds of movies or tv shows from your tablet, phone or laptop when you’re on the go. Amazon offers loads of free movies and tv shows to their prime members. You’ll need an internet connection, but these days, you’ll be hard pressed to travel anywhere that doesn’t have one. You can also download titles to watch offline with a Fire Tablet or the Prime Video app (although the download must be done while connected to Wi-Fi), so you can enjoy your movies and shows anywhere.

Prime Reading

Woman reading on e-reader on the beach

With your prime membership, you’ll have access to a selection of free books, magazines, audible books, and more. Pick a book before you leave for your trip, download it onto your kindle or through the amazon kindle app, and you’ll be good to go. No more lugging around a book while on vacation!

Amazon Photos

Do you have hundreds of photos on your phone that you are afraid to erase? Look no further than Amazon Photos! With your prime membership, you’ll get unlimited storage for all of your photos along with 5 GB of video storage. Need pictures of Big Ben from every angle? Snap away! You’ll be able to download it, and buy prints right from Amazon!

Prime Gaming

Gamers on the go, rejoice! With your prime membership, you'll get access to free in-game content, free PC games, and one free twitch channel subscription per month. Distract yourself while you’re waiting for your flight with the latest video games.

Deals and Products Exclusively for Prime Members

With your Prime membership, you’ll get access to deals and products that non-prime members don’t, and early access to lightning deals. This includes headphones, luggage, adapters, clothes - everything you need to take on your next trip. Plus, once a year, get even better deals on products during Prime Day.  Sign up for the Prime Insider to get info on the latest deals for Prime members.

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