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A stack of suitcases in front of an airport terminal window with a plane taking off outside

Just in Time for Father’s Day: The 7 Best Luggage Sets for Men

Megan Johnson - May 24, 2021
Father’s Day is coming, and with travel starting to finally pick up again, a luggage…
woman relaxing on airplane with neck pillow

6 Hacks for Maximum Airplane Seat Comfort

Megan Johnson - May 10, 2021
Unless you’re flying in first or business, traveling on an airplane can be tough. You’re…
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7 Smart Places to Stash Valuables When Traveling

Nevin Spearman - May 5, 2021
When staying in shared spaces like hostels or overnight trains—heck, even in some hotels—keeping your…
A card that says Happy Father's Day in front of a gift box and a tie

7 Gift Ideas for Father's Day

Nevin Spearman - May 3, 2021
Waiting until the last minute to get your Father’s Day gift? We’ve got you covered.
Person carrying rolling bag through airport

19 Items You Should Always Have in Your Carry-On

Jessica Ariel Wendroff - April 20, 2021
Traveling can be stressful and expensive if you don’t know what you’re doing. This list…
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6 Easy to Pack Shoes That Take Up Minimal Suitcase Space

Megan Johnson - April 16, 2021
There is nothing worse than packing up all of your clothes and toiletries, thinking your…
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7 Shameless Ways to Make a Flight Comfortable

Caroline Costello - April 6, 2021
There is no shame in correcting the indignities of coach-class flying by way of an…
Woman in airport with backpack

8 Versatile Backpacks That Are Free to Carry On

Peter Thornton - April 2, 2021
If you're confused on what you may bring on-board for free these days, you're not…
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What to Wear When Flying First Class

Rachel Ann Brickner - March 8, 2021
Want to fit in when flying first class? The secret to looking like you belong…
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These Are the 7 Best Watches for Travel

Ricky Radka - March 3, 2021
Most trips begin with being at the right place at the right time. From catching…