Travel doesn't have to be expensive, and neither does the gear that helps get you there. While the latest noise-canceling headphones or a top of the line luggage set certainly is nice, you can significantly improve everyday travels with just a few simple low-cost essentials.

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Budget-Friendly Travel Accessories for Your Next Trip

Here are ten budget-friendly travel items that all cost less than ten bucks that will come in handy on your next trip.

Dream Essentials Inflatable Travel Neck Pillow

Dream Essentials Inflatable Travel Neck Pillow

Many travelers swear by toting along with a travel pillow while others see it as an extra item to lug around. If you're in the latter group, you'll change your tune after trying out the Dream Essentials Inflatable Travel Neck Pillow on your next overnight flight. Unlike foam or lumpy pellets, this Dream Essentials pillow is lightweight, easily inflated, and packs flat when not in use. The soft cover gets bonus points for being machine washable, so you’ll have a clean place to rest your head instead of grimy tray tables.

Scarfand's Hidden Zipper Pocket Light Infinity Scarf

Scarfand's Hidden Zipper Pocket Light Infinity Scarf

Almost everyone wears leggings or athletic gear on airplanes nowadays, but do you ever find yourself missing the extra pockets? This handy infinity scarf from Scarfand not only doubles as a place to store small items, but it’s built to keep you warm when the cabin air gets chilly. Made of lightweight polyester fabric, this scarf is breathable and versatile for any season. And at under $10, you can’t go wrong with this two-for-one travel must-have. Choose from eleven color options to compliment your wardrobe.

Honsky Pocket-Sized Portable Device Holder

It seems more and more airlines are relying on flyers to provide their own entertainment and ditching the seatback IFE monitors. If you've found yourself in that situation, you've also found out that watching Netflix on your phone for the whole flight will make your arms just as tired as if you flapped to the destination yourself. Here's where the Honksy portable device kickstand comes in handy. Set your phone or tablet up on your tray table with one of these sturdy stands and you’ll be back to enjoying your entertainment hands-free. These compact holders come in a set of three and are compatible with nearly every commonly sized portable device.

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RFID Blocking Passport Cover by GDTK

As the fifth best-selling passport cover on Amazon, you know that this product has been travel tested. Featuring built-in RFID blocking lining that helps to prevent your personal information from unwanted scanning, plus the GDTK passport cover doubles down on security. Not only will your passport be protected from bends and spills, but you can also choose from over ten color options. Pick a different color for each family member, and you'll never be confused whose passport is whose.

TSA Approved Toiletry Bags by CGBE

Another highly rated product, these TSA approved clear bags will keep your liquids, gels, and toiletries secure. These sturdy spill-proof zip bags follow 3-1-1 regulations, and you'll no longer be scrambling last minute in the security line trying to cram bottles into flimsy Ziplocs. Bags come in sets of three so you'll have extras for backup or for your travel partner, all for less than a tenner!

Mack’s Ultra Soft Foam Earplugs

Mack’s Ultra Soft Foam Earplugs

Block out the sound of the baby screaming back in row 28 with these ultra comfortable earplugs from Mack’s. As the number #1 doctor’s recommended brand you’ll be confident your hearing is in safe hands with these plugs. With a noise reduction rating of 33 decibels, you’ll find these earplugs perfect for flying, relaxing, or sleeping if you get to put up in a hotel with nearby construction taking place.

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PopSockets Grip & Stand

This budget-friendly accessory for your phone or tablet makes taking photos and holding your device a whole lot easier. The price of mobile phones keeps creeping up, so the last thing you want happening is to drop it while taking a travel selfie far from home. Along with improving your grip, PopSockets doubles as a stand for you to watch movies or other content on your device hands-free. They come in nearly every color combo and pattern under the sun, so you'll have fun finding the best fit for your phone.

Three-Pocket Fanny Pack by AirBuyW

Fashion or function? What about both for less than 10 dollars! Sure, many people wouldn’t consider fanny packs the height of fashion, but they’re making a strong comeback. This three-pocketed pack from AirBuyW features a main pocket large enough to fit a 20oz drink bottle and multiple phones, a second front pocket for other small accessories like keys, plus a "hidden" pocket on the back for a credit card, currency, or a passport. You don't have to be dubbed a hipster to have one of these functional packs slung around your hips; they're perfect for day trips, hikes, and walking around the city. Available in 13 color options.

TSA Compatible Luggage Lock

While in-flight theft is a rarity, it does happen on occasion. Protect your belongings with a TSA compatible luggage lock from SureLock. Built with a 100% alloy body and a sturdy steel cable these locks are specifically made for the stress of air travel. If your checked baggage has been inspected a red indicator will pop up to let you know. These versatile locks work with nearly any brand of luggage.

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Universal Travel Plug Adapter by MAXAH

OK, $10.99 this item is just a tad over our promised $10 maximum, but the MAXAH Universal Travel Plug Adapter is definitely worth spending the extra dollar. Truly a worldwide adapter, this is a must-have item that works in over 150 countries and should be at the top of any international travelers to-buy list. Beyond its plug conversation capabilities, this adapter also includes two-USB ports for powering up smaller electronics like phones, tablets, and headphones. At this price, you'd be crazy not to add this all-in-one adapter to your list of travel tagalongs.

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