Don’t make space in your suitcase for pieces that provide only the most basic of wear. Expect more from your travel clothes. In today’s era of high bag fees, a single piece of garment can and should protect you from theft, bugs, and the sun, and be ready to go right out of the bag.

Day-to-Evening Clothes for Travel

Easily go from the boardroom to the bar with these high-rise trousers from the Court-to-Runway collection by Jordan.

And this wide-leg jumpsuit by Eliza J gives me power suit vibes. It’s office-to-date ready in either navy, blue, or black.

For day-to-night looks, it all comes down to the styling. Convert your look from day to evening by swapping flats for heels, the blazer for the leather jacket, or no jacket, and put on some nighttime glam.

Pickpocket-Proof Clothing for Travel

Wearing this pickpocket-proof blazer won’t only help you look smarter, it will also help you travel smarter because it will better secure your personal belongings. There are plenty of secret stash pockets in this theft-proof jacket; 10 in total, seven of them on the jacket’s interior, including one large enough for travel documents like passports. Enclosures can be Velcroed, zipped, or buttoned shut.

This is the ultimate travel companion for the business exec on the go as aside from the many theft-proof pockets, the Bluffworks blazer is machine-washable, wrinkle-resistant, moisture-wicking, quick-drying, and made of stretchy polyester.

And though not pickpocket-proof, there’s also a matching dress pant.

Wrinkle-Free Clothes for Travel

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to enjoy wrinkle-free travel these days as plenty of fabric options unpack smoothly. Broadly speaking, synthetic materials tend to fare better than natural fabrics.

Banana Republic’s popular button-down shirt, the Non-Iron Dress Shirt is breathable, 100 percent cotton, and “ specially engineered to resist wrinkles so it stays looking crisp and pulled-together.” The many glowing reviews seem to substantiate the company’s claim. Available in dozens of colors and styles.

Sun-Protective Clothing for Travel

Go ahead and bask in the sunshine without worry while wandering the road. Coolibar specializes in beach and everyday wear with high sun protection, blocking out 98 percent of UV radiation. Enjoy sun-safe travel with Coolibar’s long-sleeve T-shirt or a flowing sun wrap. The former comes in three colors while the latter in 19. And this hooded baby bathing suit provides overall coverage, including to the scalp and neck.

Odor-Fighting Clothes for Travel

Made of 100 percent ultra-fine Merino wool, these Unbound Merino shirts are breathable, yet insulating; moisture-wicking, yet water-repelling; plus quick-to-dry and wrinkle-resistant. But unlike the traditional wool, this is lightweight, itchless wool.

Because they perform so well against the elements, its good ventilation keeps you odor free. I tested this shirt out myself on a recent trip and I can corroborate that all of the above claims are true. I got lots of wear out of the same shirt, way past the point of freshness for other shirts.

Plus, the company humanely and ethically sources their long-lasting materials.

Bug-Repellent Clothes for Travel

Keep the skeeters away with the use of ExOfficio’s BugsAway bug-repelling clothing line. The fabrics are made with odorless, built-in bug-repellent technology; and most items have other traveler-friendly features, including ultraviolet protection, and are wrinkly-resistant and quick-drying. Among the faves are this long-sleeve Henley shirt and the BugsAway Sandfly pants.

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