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Breaking Down the Pickpocket Scheme

Ed Perkins - June 1, 2016
Ever had your pocket picked while traveling? If so, you have plenty of company: One…
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European Low-Fare Lines Target U.S. This Summer

Ed Perkins - March 10, 2016
North American travelers looking for bargain transatlantic fares will have lots more options this summer,…
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New Bill Lets Airlines Display Deceiving Fares

Ed Perkins - March 1, 2016
Score two for the airlines, nil for consumers.
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Downgraded: Are You Entitled to a Refund?

Ed Perkins - February 9, 2016
A few weeks ago, American Airlines downgraded a well-known actress who'd bought a first-class ticket…
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10 Airlines to Watch in 2016

Ed Perkins - December 29, 2015
You can expect a good bit of turmoil in the airline marketplace in 2016 as…
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Where to Find the Biggest Travel Discounts

Ed Perkins - December 9, 2015
Small discounts of 5 to15 percent are easy to find; they permeate the travel business:…
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Using Third-Party Rental Insurance? Read This First

Ed Perkins - November 18, 2015
Plenty of travelers these days are taking advantage of the collision insurance offered by third…
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10 Dirty Secrets of Hotels

Ed Perkins - November 11, 2015
On average hotels do a much better job of satisfying customers than airlines—a conclusion supported…
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Everything You Need to Know About Travel Insurance

Ed Perkins - October 28, 2015
All insurance is about minimizing risk, and as travelers, you face three big-dollar risks that…
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10 New Rules for Finding Cheap Flights

Ed Perkins - September 17, 2015
It seems as if someone posts or prints a set of air ticket buying tips…