Spirit Airlines is expanding to 5 new markets in the New Year.  Plattsburgh, NY (Greater Montreal area), Niagara Falls, NY (Greater Buffalo/Toronto area), Latrobe, PA (Greater Pittsburgh area), Charleston, WV, and Dallas, TX will all be added to Spirit Airline's route map next year.  The new nonstop service from/to Fort Lauderdale will connect each city to Spirit's growing network throughout the U.S. and Latin America.  Some cities will also begin nonstop service from/to Myrtle Beach in May.  

Although Spirit is a no frills to the max airline and you will have to pay for carry-on luggage that doesn't fit under your seat, these are some excellent fares for the shoestring traveler out there.  Note: These fares are available only to Spirit's $9 Fare Club, which anyone can join for an annual fee of $59.95.  If you like to travel a lot, this fee will be recuperated in savings very quickly.  Non-member fares are higher, but still a bargain.  

Latrobe to Fort Lauderdale $70 round-trip

Latrobe to Myrtle Beach $98 round-trip

Plattsburgh to Fort Lauderdale $70 round-trip

Plattsburgh to Myrtle Beach $98 round-trip

Niagara Falls to Fort Lauderdale $70 round-trip

Niagara Falls to Myrtle Beach $98 round-trip

Charleston to Fort Lauderdale $70 round-trip

Charleston to Myrtle Beach $98 round-trip

Dallas to Fort Lauderdale $90 round-trip

Dallas to New York $98 round-trip

Dallas to Washington D.C. $98 round-trip

Dallas to Orlando $98 round-trip

Dallas to Atlantic City $98 round-trip

Dallas to Las Vegas $138 round-trip

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