JetBlue has been in the news a lot lately (hehe) and here they are again with their attention-grabbing All You Can Jet Pass, a rerun of a popular deal they introduced last year around this time.

This year, it's a bit different however: the Pass comes in two versions, one for travel any day of the week ($699), and the other ($499) for travel except Friday/Sunday. Last year, you could fly any day of the week for $599 but let's face it, fares on JetBlue and other airlines are quite a bit higher this year than last, so in fact both passes are a bigger bargain than last year (assuming that you use them enough to justify the cost).

Taxes are included on domestic flights, but not on international and Puerto Rico fares. There's a three-day advance purchase required, and a $50 change fee. If there's a seat on the plane, it's yours (no capacity restrictions). And the travel period is September 7 to October 6, inclusive. You must be a member of JetBlue's frequent flyer program to buy a pass. Book travel beginning August 23, 2010.

One other restriction of note: Booking multiple flights departing from the same city on the same day is prohibited; any such bookings will be cancelled immediately with the exception of the most recently booked flight. So in other words, you cannot fly from Boston to New York, then New York to Boston, and then Boston to, say, Los Angeles on the same day.

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