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Flight from Lexington to Punta Gorda (LEX-PGD)

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Reviews for Lexington to Punta Gorda (LEX-PGD)

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    Seat selection fee is a rip-off!

    by Mayfair on April 23, 2012

    Flight from Lexington to Punta Gorda

    Round Trip
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    No stops
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    April 2012
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    Flight went smoothly with one exception - we had pre-paid to select our seats. The Lexington airport had a number of flights scheduled to depart within a 30-minute time window. We arrived at the airport more than one hour in advance, but the security delay was so bad (there are only 2 security lanes), that our flight was already into the open seating process by the time we had cleared security. Our selected seats had already been claimed and there is no attempt to hold the reserved seat. So you either need to arrive at this airport more like 2 hours in advance or don't bother wasting your money to secure a seat!

Flown this route before? Write a review
There are approximately 1 flights covering the route from Blue Grass Airport in Lexington to Charlotte County Airport in Punta Gorda, provided by as many as 1 airlines.

The following airlines sometimes offer nonstop cheap flights from Lexington to Punta Gorda:

Transwest Air

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