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    Wed, February 15, 2017
Sam C.
Staff Airfare Analyst
Sam's Notes:
Fall/Winter travel.
CheapAir charges a $12.50 booking fee.

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Reviews for Fort Lauderdale to Huntington
2 Traveler Reviews
"read the fine print folks!!!"
Flight from Fort Lauderdale to Huntington
Airline: Allegiant
RT/OW: roundtrip
Date of Flight: May 2012
Seat Class: economy
Check-in Experience
In-flight Service
Seat Comfort
I work in the customer service industry and after reading all the negative things about Allegiant I had to saysomething. I work at a resort in the Florida Keys - I dont nor ever have worked for Allegiant. Everyone wants cheap airfare - thats what Allegiant is - cheap airfare. You cant have it all - if you want premium service, less fees, more catering to you then go pay full fare somewhere (and you may or may not get it anyway). When you visit Allegiant's site they are quite clear about what they charge for and how much it is - I am in my mid 60's and have no problem understanding the fees. If you are too cheap to pay for seat selection dont complain where you sit or who you sit with. I just booked flights for my daughter and 2 paying size grandchildren. 3 flight tickets, 2 carry ons, one checked bag, and 3 seat selections round trip all for under 550.00 total. Yes, they fee you to death but all added up it is almost always WAY cheaper than the other airlines. And that brings me to the pet peeve after reading the unfavorable reviews ... READ THEIR PARAMETERS IF YOU DONT AGREE DONT BOOK - KNOW BEFORE YOU GO - they are quite clear about check in time and times you have to be there. Rules are rules people. Read and take traffic, road issues/conditions, busy airport into consideration and allow plenty of time. We have done 3 round trips to Huntington, my daughter 2 from Huntington all without a hitch. On our outbound flights we spent the night next door to the airport so we didnt have to worry about being late for early flights. On the return flight my daughter usually drops us off 4 hrs prior to flight. We allow extra time for traffic but have never needed it. But better to be early and read a book than to be cut out like all the people here. A little common sense and heeding rules is all you need to get by with these cheap airlines. No, you dont always get the customer service and attention you get elsewhere but you usually do not even come close to paying what you pay at those other carriers either. Dont expect them to "break the rules" just for you. Often once the Allegiant check in crew closes they go to the loading area and are now the loading crew - they cant come back to accomodate someone who couldnt tell time or just cant get to the airport in time. Bottom line is life is usually you get what you pay for and READ THE RULES AND GO BY THEM.
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There are approximately 34 flights covering the route from Ft. Lauderdale International Airport in Fort Lauderdale to Tri-State/Milton Airport in Huntington, provided by as many as 4 airlines.
The following airlines often offer cheap flights from Fort Lauderdale to Huntington
US Airways
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