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    Sat, October 22, 2016
    Tue, October 25, 2016
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Reviews for Cleveland to San Antonio
3 Traveler Reviews
"An unpleasant beginning to a pleasant ride home"
Flight from Cleveland to San Antonio
Airline: Continental
RT/OW: roundtrip
Number of Stops: 1 stop in IAH
Date of Flight: October 2010
Seat Class: economy
Check-in Experience
In-flight Service
Seat Comfort
my only complaint would be that the stewardess didn't pay close enough attention to whether passengers followed her instructions regarding shutting off cell-phones. The young man (early 20's) next to me was told to shut his off before flight began. He would turn it upside down and hide under his hand each time they walked by. Finally the lady on the other side of him said to him as the plane began to lift, "Aren't those supposed to be turned off?" He then did. I am not a frequent flier & wouldn't have felt comfortable for the rest of flight if I would have called him on it. I now realize that in the future I will speak up, not only for my safety but everyone on board. PRE -FLIGHT ****Purchased a RUBBER dagger at The Alamo for 6yr.old grandson. Told clerk before buying that I only had a carry-on. They said,"no problem, everybody buys them and they hadn't heard of any problems". Also said to put in 'bin' with shoes at screening & let them know ahead of time that it was in there. When I checked in for my flight in San Antonio, I mentioned it to man scanning the checked-in luggage & he told me same procedure. Next I made sure to mention it to man who checked my I.D.--same instructions from him. So I did just that & told TSA clerk before it went through the scanner. As it passed through, she turned on a blinking light & a supervisor ( young woman with a nasty attitude) came over and read me the riot act & told me never to do that again or "if I opened my suitcase in the cabin I would be shot dead". As she was saying this in a very loud voice, I just wanted the whole experience to be over. I repacked it in my carry-on & proceeded to my gate. So - am I the only person who ever bought a Davy Crockett rubber-dagger at THE ALAMO? I am a very non-threatening looking 60yr. old grandmother who follows all instructions. Wished I would have had them call over a supervisor so I could complain about how she treated & talked to me, but was afraid at the time that if I made a 'scene' I'd be yanked out of line & put it front of a 'full body scanner'!
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There are approximately 307 flights covering the route from Hopkins International Airport in Cleveland to San Antonio International Airport in San Antonio, provided by as many as 8 airlines.
The following airlines often offer cheap flights from Cleveland to San Antonio
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