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Flight from Albuquerque to London (ABQ-LHR)

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    by trubrit on June 16, 2010

    Flight from Albuquerque to London

    One Way
    Number of Stops:
    Many stops
    Date of Flight:
    June 2010
    Seat Class:

    On June 12th 2010, I accompanied a friend, Mrs. Josephine Williams, visiting from England to the Albuquerque Airport to see her off on her scheduled United 7534 to Chicago and her onward United flight 938 to London Heathrow. We joined the short line at the check in, and waited 40 minutes until it was our turn. The desk attendant, a Ms. Ruth Cahn, badge number 064106/12, told us to use the automatic check in. This we did and the machine issued tickets.

    We were mystified to find my friend had been rerouted and her departure date, reassigned to the next day. In addition, her seating assignment had been changed (she had paid for an upgrade to Economy Plus). We questioned Ms. Cahn and were told she would attend to us after seeing to someone else behind us who had been waiting 40 minutes. We explained that, like the person in line behind us, we also had been waiting 40 minutes. She repeated that we would have to wait. She then went on to serve many other customers. During our time of being ignored, we found out from other passengers that the flight to Chicago had been cancelled. No reason was given and as far as we were concerned, this was merely a rumor, as the information did not come from and airline official.

    We waited and waited to find out what had happened and for an explanation. Ms. Chan was completely distracted and served anyone who would push his or her way to the front. Often she would leave her position and wander around seemingly aimlessly. Other passengers informed us that their plane had been cancelled and they had received vouchers to stay at hotels.

    After two hours, Ms. Cahn told us to go and sit down at the back of the waiting line. I asked her what was happening, we had been here for two hours and were completely confused and my friend had obviously missed her flight to Chicago. Ms. Cahn simply glared at us and said, “Go away. I will not help you.”

    Realizing her position was hopeless and to protect her from further abuse, I took Mrs. Williams to my home. I checked through your 800 number and found that my friend had been re-routed and her date of departure changed. We were not informed why United Airlines had changed her flight schedule and still, at this time do not know.

    The next day we returned to the airport and I left her after ensuring she was checked in and on her way through security. That night she called me from LA to tell me her plane had arrived late and she had missed her connection and was to be re-routed through Denver the next day. She finally arrived in London three days after her original departure. After complaining to United we heard absolutely nothing from them. OBVIOUSLY United Airlines do not give a hoot about their customers and perhaps even encourage their attendants to be abusive to them

    Personally, I am disgusted. My friend would not have flown United if I had not recommended the airline.

Flown this route before? Write a review
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There are approximately 248 flights covering the route from Albuquerque International Airport in Albuquerque to Heathrow Airport in London, provided by as many as 15 airlines.

The following airlines often offer cheap flights from Albuquerque to London:

United Airlines
Continental Airlines
Air New Zealand
Jet Airways (India)

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