Goodbye frequent flyer miles, hello cash back?

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Goodbye frequent flyer miles, hello cash back?

Posted by George Hobica on Sunday, December 27, 2009


$25000 spent on a frequent flyer credit card vs. an Amex Blue Cash cash back card

  Grocery Gas Drugstore All other purchases

Annual Fee


Fee to obtain ticket Total cashback (total miles plus cash cost of "free" domestic flight)
The Spend $10,400 ($200/week)
$3000 $1000 $10,600      
American Express Blue Cash (5% on groceries, gas, pharmacy; 1.25% on everything else after you spend $6500 annually) $520 $150 $50 $132  $0 $0  $852
Airline credit card (miles earned)  10,400  3000  1000  10,600  up to $100  up to $50 (25,000  plus $150 in fees)

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