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What is travel hacking—and should you be doing it?

Alene Laney - April 30, 2021
Can you really get free travel?  It sounds like a scam, but many travelers manage…
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14 Secret Money-Saving Hacks for Google's Hotel Search

Alene Laney - April 9, 2021
Google Hotel Search has more functionality than any other booking engine out there. The robust…
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How to Dramatically Slash Your Hotel Costs With These Priceline Tricks

David Landsel - April 6, 2021
So maybe you’ve heard about how Priceline and are now one and the same,…
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The 14 Most Relaxing Winter Resorts in the United States

Megan Johnson - January 27, 2021
If you typically think of summer as the time for a relaxing vacation, maybe it's…

I Spent a Month Living in a London Hotel For $1,200, And You Can Too

David Landsel - February 4, 2020
My favorite Home Alone movie was always the one where Kevin ended up living at…
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How I Got A Free Hotel Stay from My Airline

Ricky Radka - January 7, 2019
Sometimes a fantastic fare comes with a hitch, and often it’s in the form of…
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5 Top Credit Card Hotel Benefits

Airfarewatchdog Staff - August 1, 2018
At the end of a long flight, there can be something a bit magical about…
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Top 10 Hostels in Europe for the Solo Traveler

Peter Thornton - July 2, 2018
Have you ever found an amazing fare deal, but couldn’t get any of your friends…
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From Air Tahiti Nui: $1,698 Airfare + Hotel Deal for Winter Travel

Tracy Stewart - February 14, 2018
Most travelers tend to be a little suspicious when it comes to package deals, though…
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Washington DC to Santiago, Chile $413 Round-Trip on Copa Airlines

Tracy Stewart - October 11, 2016
Fly from Washington DC to Santiago, Chile for $413 round-trip on Copa.