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What's It Like Being an Airline Gate Agent? 6 Lessons Learned on the Job

Ramsey Qubein - November 17, 2017
Spending a day dealing with hundreds of airline passengers and piles of oversized carry on…
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Special Assistance Services Provided by Your Airline

Ramsey Qubein - August 8, 2017
If you’re mobility impaired or know someone who is, you may have wondered how airlines…
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The Rise and Fall of the Airline Frequent Flier Program: A Timeline

Ramsey Qubein - April 25, 2017
This is the sad story of something that, for the last three decades, was obviously…
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Did the Airline Lose Your Checked Bag? Don't Give up Hope.

Ramsey Qubein - January 12, 2017
Your things don’t automatically end up in an Alabama warehouse to be auctioned off to…
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How to Avoid Losing Luggage

Ramsey Qubein - January 11, 2017
According to aviation technology firm SITA, 6.53 bags out of every 1,000 checked bag globally…

A word of appreciation every now and then...

Ramsey Qubein - August 2, 2011
Special to Airfarewatchdog.com
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How to use your Delta SkyMiles wisely

Ramsey Qubein - May 12, 2011
Are you finding it hard to use your Delta Sky Miles? You're not alone. Some…
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US Airways Promo: Convert Hotel Rewards to Bonus Miles

Ramsey Qubein - May 11, 2011
US Airways is offering an excellent promotion for travelers looking to get the most value…
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Making Sense of Airport Codes

Ramsey Qubein - April 25, 2011
Unsure of the airport code for your next destination? Wondering why Orlando's airport code is…

Buying Miles: Is it ever worth it?

Ramsey Qubein - February 23, 2011
Airline loyalty programs provide a host of perks for frequent flyers, but is it ever…