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row of seats on an airplane in economy class

How to Choose the Best Seat on a Plane

Airfarewatchdog Staff - August 17, 2021
Is there the perfect seat on the plane? It depends on what you're looking for…
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Scariest U.S. Airports

Airfarewatchdog Staff - October 23, 2020
These days, flying is one of the safest ways to get from point A to…
yellow suitcase overflowing with clothes

12 Travel Essentials We're Buying on Mega-Sale Now

Airfarewatchdog Staff - April 24, 2020
With so much bad news in the world, we’ll take silver-linings where we can get…

COVID-19 Flight Cancellations by Region and Airline

Airfarewatchdog Staff - April 24, 2020
To further prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), many major airlines have suspended,…
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7 Questions You Should Ask Before Accepting an Airline Voucher

Airfarewatchdog Staff - April 1, 2020
Unless you're really lucky, sometime during your travels you will find yourself in a situation…
Travel-sized toiletries in a quart-size bag

TSA Increases Hand Sanitizer Allowance for Carry-Ons

Airfarewatchdog Staff - March 18, 2020
Q. I know that the TSA limits liquids and gels in your carry on bags…
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The 5 Best Waterproof Shoes for Spring

Airfarewatchdog Staff - March 15, 2020
No matter what the forecast may say, the weather is a wild card entirely out…
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Our Fave Travel Gear Now on Sale for Cyber Monday

Airfarewatchdog Staff - December 2, 2019
Today's the day to stock up on any travel essentials you've been living without because…
Airplane flies over autumnal orange leaves

The Airfarewatchdog Holiday Travel Survey for 2019

Airfarewatchdog Staff - November 5, 2019
With Halloween in the rear-view, it’s officially time to firm up your Turkey Day plans.…
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The One Word That Could Negate Your Travel Insurance Coverage

Airfarewatchdog Staff - July 22, 2019
With travel insurance coverage (and any other kind of insurance coverage) the devil is in…