With Halloween in the rear-view, it’s officially time to firm up your Turkey Day plans. If you’re like most folks, those plans are likely to include travel.

Airfarewatchdog recently polled over 1,500 travelers and found that approximately half (48%) say they plan to fly this holiday. While substantial, that number has actually declined by 2% since last year.

There are plenty of possible explanations for this drop, with price being the biggest concern for most. Of those staying home this holiday season, 65% said they plan to do so because airfares are just too expensive this year.

Passengers are mostly undeterred by ongoing delays at airports across the country. Only 10% say they’d prefer to drive than deal with long airport lines and security delays, which is at an all-time low when compared to previous years.

If you do plan on flying this year but have yet to book, you’re not alone. Almost 30% say they haven’t purchased tickets yet, up from 23% since last year.

Cheap holiday fares are hard to come by this late in the season, but not impossible. Still, the majority of those polled (88%) say they’ll opt to stay home if a reasonable fare doesn’t turn up at the last minute.


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