How to Choose the Best Seat on a Plane

Is there the perfect seat on the plane? It depends on what you're looking for when choosing a seat. Check out our video and the tips below to get started.

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Window Seats

These seats are perfect since you end up sitting against the wall. You can nod off pretty easily, and you get to enjoy a sky view upon departure or arrival. If you’re someone who doesn’t like the sun while flying, you’re at the prime location to control this. Plus, you don’t have to worry about being stuck in between two passengers.

Exit Row Seats

If you’re looking for a seat that has lots of room, opt for an exit-row seat. These seats have the possibility of no one sitting in front of you, so it’s pretty easy to move around. These seats also generally have more legroom than first-class or premium seats. 


If you’re really serious about seat selection, you might want to check out SeatGuru is a TripAdvisor site full of wisdom on seat selection. On SeatGuru you can compare the different seats on different carriers. Use its airline comparison chart that details the options available on each airline and in each class of service.

Paying for the Right Seat

If comfort is important to you, paying for an upgrade might be a good idea. Even after following the above tips or using SeatGuru, your desired seat may cost you some extra money. It’s sometimes worth paying for, especially if you have a long flight. Don’t take the gamble of waiting until you get to the airport to choose a seat—you never know which one you might get stuck with.