Whether traveling for business or pleasure, solo or with the family, sending your luggage and sporting equipment ahead to your destination is the easiest way to travel. Here’s why frequent travelers always ship their luggage ahead with ShipGo.

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5 Reasons Expert Travelers Always Ship Luggage Ahead

Expert travelers know always to do three things before a trip: check-in for their flight online, make sure they get TSA Pre-Check, and ship their luggage ahead with ShipGo. Here’s why the smartest travelers ship their luggage ahead:

It Could Save Your Trip

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Ever had to sprint through the airport because a delayed flight caused you almost to miss a connection.  Not having to run with your bags could save you precious time that could make the difference between arriving before the gate closes or getting booked on a later flight.

Shipping your bags ahead of time also makes it easier to fly standby. You usually can’t hop on an earlier flight if you’ve checked bags, so by not having luggage with you, you’ll have a better chance of making it on a new flight if yours gets canceled (or if you just arrive at the airport early).


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Checking a bag when traveling involves schlepping it from the parking lot to the airport, waiting in a long bag-drop line, and waiting again to pick up your bag at baggage claim. Even bringing a carry-on means more time and hassle in the security line (especially on an international trip where you’ll also be going through customs), fighting for overhead space, and trying to juggle your bags with everything else you’re carrying. After all that heavy lifting, you’ll hardly have any energy left for your actual vacation.

Shipping with ShipGo means simplicity. Schedule a pickup online, have your bag picked up at your house (or anywhere else you choose), enjoy your journey, and arrive at your destination to have your luggage awaiting your arrival. You can also download ShipGo’s mobile app and easily avoid carrying, checking, and claiming baggage every time you travel.


Did you know that the basic economy fare on JetBlue no longer includes a carry-on or checked bag? Instead, you’ll have to pay an extra $65 for the privilege of hauling your luggage through the airport and on the plane.

Or, you could pay as low as $34.99 to ship your suitcases ahead with ShipGo.

Shipping luggage ahead also means you can opt for public transportation on your trip or for a smaller rental car - two options sure to save you money.

Peace of Mind

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Experienced travelers tend to be carry-on-only advocates. However, we all know the stress of carefully curating a bag down to carry-on size but then being forced to gate-check it due to a lack of overhead space. Meaning, you’ll have to suffer through waiting at baggage claim and possibly dealing with lost or damaged luggage on your vacation.

Send your luggage ahead with ShipGo, and your bags are guaranteed to arrive on time at your destination. In addition, each shipment comes with $500 of complimentary insurance and the option to add additional coverage, up to $10,000.

No Limitations

Want to hit the slopes next season with your skis or play golf with your clubs rather than rentals? Bring your gear with you as ShipGo can ship your sports equipment to wherever you’re staying or playing (and they’ll handle it with way more care than the airlines).

ShipGo also offers carry-on, checked, and oversized luggage options in addition to box and trunk shipping to accommodate your every need.

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