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JetBlue's Big Winter Sale—Ends Tomorrow!

Caroline Morse Teel - January 31, 2022
If all this snow and cold weather has you dreaming of an escape to somewhere…
Woman watching airplane take off from airport window

10 Things Not to Wear on a Plane

Caroline Costello - January 25, 2022
The rules of in-flight fashion are different from those on the ground. When you're sitting…
Scanner machine at airport security checkpoint

How Not to Embarrass Yourself in the TSA Line

Brittany VanDerBill - January 25, 2022
The airport security line is fraught with all kinds of potentially uncomfortable situations. This is…
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$99 First-Class Ticket Sale on Breeze Airways

Caroline Morse Teel - January 20, 2022
Budget airlines Breeze Airways just unveiled new Airbus A220 planes that they plan to use…
Airplane mid-flight above white clouds in blue sky

JetBlue's Up & Away Sale: Fares From $24

Caroline Morse Teel - January 11, 2022
Get away for under $30, with JetBlue's incredible Up & Away sale. Discounted fares start…
Airplane taking off with city skyline in the background

12 International Airlines Flying to the U.S. That You May Not Know

Peter Thornton - January 7, 2022
Looking for a good deal on an international flight? You may want to look beyond…
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6 Things to Know About Flying French Bee Airline

Tracy Stewart - January 7, 2022
While so many low-cost international carriers have struggled to stay afloat in recent years, Paris…
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7 Tips for Flying Delta

Peter Thornton - January 6, 2022
Delta has topped many of the lists of the best airlines in the U.S. lately.…
Silhouette of person standing in front of terminal window with luggage watching a plane take off

Alaska Airlines' New Year Sale: Flights From $49

Caroline Morse Teel - January 4, 2022
If your New Year's resolution was to travel more, Alaska Airlines has you covered. The…
Route Map Hubs Airlines Across America Hub-and-Spoke

Airline Hub Guide: Which U.S. Cities Are Major Hubs and Why it Matters

Ricky Radka - December 23, 2021
The favored model of the American airline industry since its deregulation in 1978, airport hubs…