Every year Airfarewatchdog polls travelers to see if they plan to fly for the holiday season. This year more travelers plan to hit the skies,  with a 9% increase YoY. We also found that travelers driving this holiday season has decreased 27% YoY. Travelers are also starting to plan their trips later, we saw a 52% increase in travelers waiting 1-2 months before the holidays to start planning their trips. 

See last year’s results here and full results below.

Holiday Travel Survey Results

Will you be flying for the holidays this year?  

  • 35% Yes, I always fly for the holidays (up 12%)
  • 33% No it’s too expensive to fly (up 38%)
  • 15% Yes, this is the first time in several years that’ll be flying (no change)
  • 11% No, I’d rather drive a few extra hours than have to deal with the delays and long lines (down 27%)
  • 6%   No, the skies are too crowded (down 57%) 

How far in advance do you typically start planning your holiday travel?

  • 35% 1-2 months (up 52%)
  • 29% 3-5 months (down 28%)
  • 19% 6-12 months (down 24%)
  • 12% 2-4 weeks (up 50%)
  • 5% less than two weeks (up 25%)

Thanksgiving Flight Searches Top 10 cities

  1. Orlando
  2. Las Vegas
  3. Los Angeles
  4. Atlanta
  5. Ft. Lauderdale
  6. Phoenix
  7. Dallas
  8. Miami
  9. Denver
  10. Tampa

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