Quit Trying to Make Standing Seats Happen

With standing desks being all the rage, why not standing flights? It doesn’t seem all that far-fetched, considering how often airlines shrink seats these days.

If any carriers should decide to scrap seats entirely, Italian airline seat manufacturer Avioninteriors is ready with its recently shared plans for standing seats. Known as the SkyRider 2.0, the design isn’t unlike what already exists on some public transit systems. Instead of a wide seat, the SkyRider features a small saddle-like perch, similar to a bicycle seat, with armrests and back support, suspended by poles from the ceiling.

If this all sounds vaguely familiar, that’s because the very same manufacturer caused panic with a similar design in 2010.

While airlines would certainly benefit from cutting operating costs and maximizing passenger loads, not one has yet to sign on to standing seat cabins in the many years these plans have been circulating. There are also FAA guidelines which would make such a plan difficult to implement. For now, at least, be thankful for your small sliver of a seat.

United Airlines Debuts New Livery

United unveiled its redesigned livery on Wednesday, cranking up the blue and, most notably, scrapping the golden globe inherited from its Continental merger.

Prior to the big reveal, United CEO Oscar Munoz referred to the new livery “an evolution, not a revolution.”

Engines and wingtips will also be Rhapsody Blue, along with an enlarged font and a blue swoop stretching across the sides of the aircraft. Plane bellies will remain Runway Grey.

The Boeing 737-800 is the first aircraft to model the new look, with plans to roll out the new look fleetwide by 2026.

SAS Pilots Go on Strike, Leaving Thousands Stranded

After failed pay negotiations, pilots for Scandinavian Airlines went on strike as of Friday, cancelling nearly all of its flights and leaving some 70,000 passengers in limbo.

Pilots are requesting market rate pay and more predictability in scheduled working hours, though SAS spokesperson Karin Nyman says such changes “would have very negative consequences for the company.”

SAS is in a difficult position these days as it struggles to compete with budget carriers like Norwegian Air, among others.

"Almost one in four SAS flights is flown by subcontractors and we want to know what our future looks like," said Wilhelm Tersmeden, chairman of the Swedish pilots association.

EasyJet Bans Peanuts on All Flights

Following similar moves from other carriers, British budget airline  EasyJet announced on Thursday plans ban peanuts on future flights.

In addition to removing peanuts from its offerings, EasyJet will now ask passengers to refrain from consuming items that contain peanuts in an effort to protect those suffering from nut allergies.

"The safety and welfare of all of our customers and crew is our highest priority so we have a number of procedures in place to assist customers traveling with a nut allergy," an EasyJet spokesperson told CNN.

Passengers with nut allergies should continue to notify the airline when booking and again prior to boarding, out of an abundance of caution.

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