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Couple on a swing watching the sunset at the beach

The 8 Most Important Travel Tips for Couples

Ricky Radka - February 7, 2020
Taking a trip with your significant other can conjure up visions of sunset smooches and…

I Spent a Month Living in a London Hotel For $1,200, And You Can Too

David Landsel - February 4, 2020
My favorite Home Alone movie was always the one where Kevin ended up living at…
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How to Get a Passport as Quickly as Possible

Peter Thornton - February 4, 2020 Flights to international destinations have been incredibly cheap lately. It can sometimes be cheaper…
woman luggage carry-on overhead flight plane

How to Avoid Low-Fare Airline Gotchas

Ricky Radka - January 31, 2020
Whether it's extra fees, smaller seats, or a lack of connections, low fares often come…
Woman with feet up in socks on airplane

The One Thing You Should Always Do On a Plane? Sanitize Your Seat

Tracy Stewart - January 31, 2020
How to walk. How to dress. The most effective way to throw a phone. When…

How Do You Get Rid of Jet Lag? Try This App

Tracy Stewart - January 30, 2020
As any frequent flyer will attest, you can’t go hurling yourself across multiple time zones…
Sanuck pick pocket shoes

7 Genius Ways to Hide Valuables While Traveling

Tracy Stewart - January 29, 2020
Nothing ruins a once-in-a-lifetime trip like losing your wallet, phone, or passport—yet many tourist destinations…
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Why You Should Stop Wasting Your Money And Start Flying Norwegian

David Landsel - January 27, 2020
Perhaps you’ve heard, chances are you saw it in a tweet somewhere, but our economy…
Hawaiian Airlines livery tail on Airbus 330 aircraft in Hawaii

How to Fly Hawaiian Airlines

Peter Thornton - January 27, 2020
Flights to the 50th state can be found on all of the major U.S. carriers…
Map depicting the air routes of Australia and New Zealand

Who Flies Where: A Guide to Australia/Oceania Route Coverage

Peter Thornton - January 24, 2020
Heading down under? A trip to Australia, New Zealand, or an island in Oceania is…

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