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Hawaiian Airlines livery tail on Airbus 330 aircraft in Hawaii

How to Fly Hawaiian Airlines

Peter Thornton - January 27, 2020
Flights to the 50th state can be found on all of the major U.S. carriers…
Map depicting the air routes of Australia and New Zealand

Who Flies Where: A Guide to Australia/Oceania Route Coverage

Peter Thornton - January 24, 2020
Heading down under? A trip to Australia, New Zealand, or an island in Oceania is…
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This is the BEST Time to Visit London

Tracy Stewart - January 24, 2020
As Herman Melville once said, “There are two places in the world where men can…
Airplane flying through the year 2020 logo

6 Destinations Where Flights Will Be Cheaper in 2020

Ricky Radka - January 24, 2020
We’ve just kicked off the new year, and it hasn’t taken long for industry pundits…
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These Are the Best Winter Boots for Travel

Rachel Ann Brickner - January 23, 2020
The quest for the best winter travel boot can be daunting. Whether you’re looking for…
putting carry-on bag in overhead bin on airplane

Norwegian Air Now Charges Extra for Overhead Bags on its Lowest Fares

Ricky Radka - January 23, 2020
Can transatlantic basic economy fares get any more basic? If you're flying on Norwegian Air,…
TSA PreCheck sign at the airport security line

Global Entry vs TSA PreCheck: Which Is Better?

Ricky Radka - January 22, 2020
With TSA wait times on the rise and no easy solution in sight, TSA PreCheck—the…

10 Items to Help Calm Nervous Flyers

Megan Johnson - January 21, 2020
Are you afraid of flying? Does the thought of taking off cause you to hyperventilate?…

How to Dramatically Slash Your Hotel Costs With These Priceline Tricks

David Landsel - January 16, 2020
So maybe you’ve heard about how Priceline and are now one and the same,…
person looking at kayak website on tablet

The 6 Best Flight Search Sites for Finding Cheap Flights

Tracy Stewart - January 16, 2020
Flight-hunting for your next big trip? There are tons of booking sites, or online travel…

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