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The Best Tools for Flexible Date Searches

Peter Thornton - November 30, 2020
People who have flexible dates get the best fares. There's no magic day to buy…

10 Super Packable Dresses for Winter Travel

Patricia Magaña - November 30, 2020
The best winter dresses for travel should help keep you warm while being stylish and…
Items for a Travel Toiletry kit or Dopp Bag

10 Things You Should Always Keep in Your Toiletries Kit

Ricky Radka - November 30, 2020
There's nothing worse than realizing that the one thing you really need when getting ready…
high-rise trousers and pick pocket proof blazer

Travel Clothes That Do Double Duty

Patricia Magaña - November 30, 2020
Once upon a time, suitcase size didn't matter much. Chronic overpacking was a cute quirk,…
senior couple pool loungers hotel resort; Mariia Boiko/Shutterstock

How to Dramatically Slash Your Hotel Costs With These Priceline Tricks

David Landsel - November 30, 2020
So maybe you’ve heard about how Priceline and are now one and the same,…
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The 8 Best Lightweight Carry On Luggage Under 5 Pounds

Megan Johnson - November 23, 2020
It has happened to all of us: you find the perfect carry-on bag that is…
Couple on a swing watching the sunset at the beach

The 8 Most Important Travel Tips for Couples

Ricky Radka - November 23, 2020
Taking a trip with your significant other can conjure up visions of sunset smooches and…
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The 6 Best Anti-Theft Bags for Travel

Megan Johnson - November 23, 2020
There are always a million things on our minds when we are getting ready for…
covid-19 road trip

COVID-19 Road Trip Safety Tips

Caroline Morse Teel - November 19, 2020
Planning a road trip during a pandemic requires more planning and preparation than in normal…
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9 Of the Best Winter Hats and Gloves for Travel

Megan Johnson - November 16, 2020
Although winter doesn’t technically start for another few weeks, a lot of the country  is…

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