When staying in shared spaces like hostels or overnight trains—heck, even in some hotels—keeping your jewelry, cash, and other valuables safe is always a concern.

Rather than stuffing it all under the mattress, or some other place that you yourself might easily forget, these items are simple to pack and do a great job of protecting you against theft when you’re on the go.

Protect Yourself Against Theft When Traveling

Axe Body Spray Diversion Safe Stash Can Travel

Axe Body Spray Diversion Safe Stash Can

Probably the absolute safest place to hide anything since literally no one wants to steal even a spritz of your Axe Body Spray. Plus, hiding your valuables in diversion safes are a great way to keep valuables safe in shared spaces like dorms or hostels. This Axe can has enough space for cash and jewelry, and can easily be used at home for the gym.

Amazon User Review: Seems a little heavy but otherwise a very good and solid product. Real can that looks exactly right.

Price: Starting at $17.99 on Amazon

Day Tip Money Belt Travel

Day Tip Money Belt

Keep your items safe and secure with the Day Tip Money Belt. This belt comes with full RFID blocking technology in both the main pocket and also the back logo. The extra-long strap is adjustable to suit any waist size. And if you’re constantly forgetting where you put your keys, the dedicated interior key loop should come in handy.

Amazon User Review: Perfect size! This belt is thin enough to easily hide under clothes but the pockets are deep enough to hold phone, passport, money or all of the above. There are multiple useful pockets and a nice adjustable elastic band. It's very comfortable to wear, I can't even feel it after a while. Perfect for what I needed!

Price: Starting at $14 on Amazon

Gearbay6 RFID Blocking Money Belt Travel

Gearbay6 RFID Blocking Money Belt

This belt is a bit slimmer than the one mentioned above and protects your valuables with long wide pocket behind the belt. There is plenty of space to store cash, as well as copies of travel documents. Also, don’t worry too much about having an issue getting your items out—you can easily pull them out with the zipper.

Amazon User Review: Belt feel's tactical and secure with comfort. I was able to leave the belt on while going through airport security because the buckle is made of very durable plastic (my wife washed it). Thanks!!!

Price: Starting at $15.95 on Amazon

LANNEY Travel Money Belt Travel

LANNEY Travel Money Belt 

For the hyper organized, this belt is more like a wallet with layers and individual credit card pockets all with RFID blocking ability.

Amazon User Review: “I needed something like this for my upcoming trip to Europe. It's comfortable to fit under clothes, and you can store your phone, passport, money, and more. Though since it's black it's see through with light shirts. It looks exactly like the picture and the belt part is adjustable. Worth the money!"

Price: Starting at $12.45 on Amazon

Scotch Lint Roller Diversion Safe Stash Can Travel

Hairbrush Diversion Safe Stash Can

This hairbrush diversion can is a great alternative to the Axe can above. With a spacious interior, this can is actually functional.

Amazon User Review: A little bit bigger than it needs to be but it's cool and the best product of its kind on here.

Price: Starting at $15.95 on Amazon

Oscaurt Anti-theft Travel Backpack Travel

Oscaurt Anti-theft Travel Backpack

Stop city pickpocketers with this anti-theft backpack from Oscaurt. The bag is equipped with an anti-theft design pocket to keep your things safe from thieves. The bag also has a USB charging port. However, you have to buy your own battery pack.

Amazon User Review: This backpack was very Nice. The Material was very Nice. I like the Extra Functionality of Charging.

Price: Starting at $35.99 on Amazon

Arden Cove Full Anti-Theft Waterproof Cross-Body Bag Travel

Arden Cove Full Anti-Theft Waterproof Cross-Body Bag

Looking for something a bit more stylish? This anti-theft cross-body bag from Arden Cove is a perfect choice. The bag is great for taking along on trips or just everyday use. It has a waterproof body along with slash-proof lining. The bag also has RFID blocking materials to keep your info safe from hacker scanning.

Amazon User Review: Because my job requires frequent travel, I like to find practical, versatile, and pretty looking pieces. This is exactly that!! 

Price: Starting at $139.50 on Amazon

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