Alt tag not provided for image https://www.airfarewatchdog.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/sites/26/2017/10/rollingbag-300x193.jpg

The 10 Best Underseat Carry-On Bags for Basic Economy

Peter Thornton - July 20, 2021
By now you've probably taken notice of all the many super cheap Basic Economy fares.…
Screen showing flight cancellations at airport

What Are My Rights if My Flight Is Canceled?

Ed Perkins - July 15, 2021
According to recent data, only 1.59 percent of all U.S. domestic flights were canceled, and…
Airplane on runway with yellow stripe leading away from the camera

What You Should Know Before Flying Spirit Airlines

Peter Thornton - July 13, 2021
Ultra-low-cost airline Spirit will likely have the cheapest base fares on any route it flies,…
Beach bag spilled over pink background

8 Essential Items to Pack in Your Beach Bag

Megan Johnson - July 2, 2021
It’s June! It’s SUMMER (okay, maybe not officially), but c’mon, we all know once Memorial…
Amazon box on front porch

The 7 Best Amazon Prime Perks for Travelers

Megan Johnson - June 11, 2021
Whether you like it or not, holiday season is here. And while we like to…
Suitcases on luggage carousel

8 Things You Should Never Pack in Your Checked Bag

Tracy Stewart - May 26, 2021
Does it seem at all strange to you that the TSA allows passengers to bring…
North Cascades National Park

America's Best Secret National Parks That You Can Actually Get To

David Landsel - May 21, 2021
Yosemite! Yellowstone! The Smokies! Everyone's got a favorite national park, but with 59 flagship holdings…
North Cascades National Park

15 National Parks with Small Summer Crowds

Megan Johnson - May 11, 2021
Not to knock Yosemite, The Grand Canyon, Acadia, or Yellowstone, which are all glorious in…
woman relaxing on airplane with neck pillow

6 Hacks for Maximum Airplane Seat Comfort

Megan Johnson - May 10, 2021
Unless you’re flying in first or business, traveling on an airplane can be tough. You’re…
Woman floating down lazy river

4 Ridiculous Lazy Rivers We Could All Probably Use in Our Lives Right About Now

David Landsel - May 7, 2021
Checking to see if your hotel has a pool is so last, well, whenever. These…

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