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Plane wing against backdrop of clouds at sunset

8 Tips for Flying JetBlue

Peter Thornton - December 22, 2021
JetBlue has been blurring the lines between low-cost carrier and legacy carrier since the year…
Airplane taking off down a runway toward the camera

Which Are The Safest Airlines To Fly?

Matt Moffitt - December 22, 2021
Some airlines passengers are, understandably, anxious to fly in a metal tube 39,000 feet into…
Plane flying into the sunset

The 15 Most Exciting New Airline Routes for 2022

Peter Thornton - December 15, 2021
Airline route maps have seen some drastic changes since the beginning of the pandemic. While…
Silhouette of man waiting in an airport against a large window showing an airplane taking off

How to Consolidate Your Frequent Flyer Points in 5 Easy Steps

Matt Moffitt - December 9, 2021
Have you taken a flight on an airline in another country and signed up for…
Airplane taking off from airport runway

10 Tips for Flying Ryanair

Peter Thornton - December 7, 2021
If you’re looking to travel around Europe, you’ve probably heard of low-cost carrier Ryanair. With…
Photo of Wizz Airlines plane mid-flight

8 Tips for Flying Wizz Air

Peter Thornton - November 30, 2021
Flying within Europe? You’ll likely come across some incredibly cheap flights on Wizz Air—especially if…
Plane taking off on runway

9 Tips for Flying Frontier Airlines

Peter Thornton - November 30, 2021
Frontier Airlines may not be your first choice of airline, but there is no denying…
Flight departures board showing delayed flights

Everything You Need to Know About Flight Delays

Bobby Laurie - November 30, 2021
Flight delays are an unfortunate but common part of air travel. Many travelers don’t pay…
Departures board at airport showing multiple cancelled flights

Will Your Flight Get Canceled This Holiday Season?

Alene Laney - November 30, 2021
Worried about your holiday travel plans this year after reading about recent mass flight cancelations…
Airport terminal in Vienna

How Early Should I Arrive at the Airport for an International Flight?

Peter Thornton - November 12, 2021
There's no doubt that you typically need to arrive at the airport earlier for an…