JetBlue has been blurring the lines between low-cost carrier and legacy carrier since the year 2000 and it has become one of the most popular airlines in the U.S. Fans of the airline rave about its ample legroom and onboard amenities. As the airline continues to evolve by offering services ranging from the most basic to premium seats on transatlantic flights, follow these tips to ensure you’re getting the best experience onboard your next JetBlue flight.

Understand What Your Fare Class Includes

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The biggest change to JetBlue’s fares over the past few years has been the introduction of a Basic Economy ticket. This type of fare was introduced in late 2019, which at the time brought its lowest fares more in line with competitors such as Delta and American. However, JetBlue overhauled its fare structure in early 2021, which made its lowest fares more similar to United’s basic fare and ultra-low-cost carriers such as Spirit and Frontier.

Basic Blue

This is JetBlue’s most restrictive fare which only includes one small personal item such as a small backpack that fits under the seat. Larger carry-on bags are not allowed onboard with this type of fare and will be subject to a $65-180 fee at the gate. Instead, make sure you check any larger bags at the check-in counter to avoid the highest fees.

There are a few exceptions to this strict carry-on policy such as travelers flying to/from London (including connecting flights), Mosaic customers, active U.S. military, unaccompanied minors, and customers who purchase Even More Space seats on all legs. If you fall in one of these categories, you’ll still be allowed a free carry-on bag in addition to a personal item.

Basic Blue tickets also have a change/cancellation fee of $100-200 depending on the route, whereas other fare classes have no change fees. Advanced seat assignments require an extra fee, you’ll be last to board, and you’ll only earn one TrueBlue point per $1 spent when booking a Basic Blue fare. 


JetBlue’s “Blue” fare is more of a classic fare that aims to compete with the legacy carriers. These fares include a normal sized carry-on bag on all flights. For flights to London, one checked bag is also included but all other routes require an extra fee for checked bags. Standard legroom seats can be chosen free of charge in advance and you’ll get three TrueBlue points per $1 spent when booking a Blue fare.

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Blue Extra

A “Blue Extra” fare includes everything that comes with JetBlue’s “Blue” fares in addition to free same-day changes and standby as well as early boarding.

Blue Plus

JetBlue’s “Blue Plus” fares are only available on select routes where customers tend to prefer having the option of buying a baggage-inclusive fare without the need to add it as an extra. A couple of examples include flights to Peru and Cuba. This type of fare is the same as a “Blue” fare with one checked bag included. Don’t expect to see this available for sale on very many routes and always compare the difference in price to simply adding a checked bag on your own. 


If you’re looking to travel in style, JetBlue’s version of Business Class is its Mint Class fares. These include lie-flat seats, two checked bags, and all the bells and whistles that normally come with traveling in premium cabins.

Use JetBlue’s Best Fare Finder

JetBlue has a handy flexible search tool to help you find its lowest fares over a month-long period. If you’re flexible with travel dates and just want to fly when it’s cheapest, use the Best Fare Finder to explore fares. A calendar of fares will populate and you can scroll down to load more fares up to 331 days into the future.

Pay for Checked Bags Before Check-In

JetBlue gives you a $5 discount if you add and pay for checked bags in advance. You can either do this during booking or anytime between booking and 24 hours before departure when online check-in begins. The discounted bag fee applies to both your first and second checked bags and drops the first checked bag fee down to $30 for all routes except Basic Blue flights to/from London, which would fall down to a $60 checked bag fee. Compared to competitors, these are quite reasonable.

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Connect to Free Wi-Fi

One of the best perks about flying JetBlue is that you’ll be able to browse the web for free. Make sure to charge up your phone, tablet, or laptop and connect to the free Fly-Fi onboard. All aircraft are equipped with Wi-Fi capabilities when flying over the continental U.S. and certain aircraft will even offer expanded Wi-Fi coverage over the Caribbean, Central America, or even all the way to London.

Bring Headphones for Free TV

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Free entertainment is plentiful on JetBlue but don’t forget your headphones. You’ll need them to enjoy the multiple seatback entertainment options such as movies, live DirecTV, Sirius XM radio, Showtime, and more. If you happen to forget, earbuds can be purchased onboard.

Enjoy Free Snacks

You won’t need to worry about filling your bags with extra snacks when flying JetBlue. The airline is well known for providing a substantial snack and beverage service complete with brand-name products and no hassle if you want any extras. Want a bag of chips and some cookies? Go for it! And ask for the full can of soda while you’re at it. The flight attendants also set up a snack and beverage station in the galleys if you want any refreshments in between services.

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Pool Your Points

JetBlue’s TrueBlue program is a unique frequent flyer program that allows you to pool your points with up to seven friends and family members. This means you can earn free flights faster by combining all of your earned points together. This is a great option for families or a group of friends who only travel occasionally but would like to earn enough points to book at least one free ticket on a future trip by combining points.

Follow Twitter for Flash Sales

JetBlue occasionally releases some incredible flash fare sales that are only available for a limited time (sometimes less than a day). These are usually for specific flight dates and times but can sometimes be as low as $20. To ensure you stay on top of these incredible offers, it’s a good idea to follow @JetBlueCheeps on Twitter and act fast. The best deals are often limited to just a few seats per flight.

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