Tracy Stewart

man wearing a puffy jacket and holding a coffee

The Best Lightweight Winter Jackets for Travel

Tracy Stewart - January 7, 2021
The way you dress to run errands on a 20F day is vastly different than…
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The Best Airline Gift Cards for the Holidays

Tracy Stewart - December 21, 2020
Whatever this year’s advances in neck pillows, nothing can really compete with the gift of…

The 15 Best Boots for Winter Travel

Tracy Stewart - November 23, 2020
The quest for the best boot for winter travel can be daunting. Depending on your…
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The Germiest Thing at the Airport You'll Probably Want to Stop Touching

Tracy Stewart - November 23, 2020
You don't need to be told that airports are pretty dirty places. One trip to…
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6 Cozy Sweatpants for Quarantine Living

Tracy Stewart - November 14, 2020
If you're going to be hanging at home for a while, you might as well…
woman working from home in slippers

The Best Slip-On Shoes for Working From Home

Tracy Stewart - November 14, 2020
The ideal work-from-home slip-on ought to be comfy, somewhat durable, and most importantly, stylish enough…

10 Last-Minute Travel Gifts That Are Actually Super Useful

Tracy Stewart - November 11, 2020
Still scrambling to check off the last few names on your holiday shopping list? If…
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10 Easy Holiday Gift Ideas for Travelers

Tracy Stewart - November 9, 2020
As we head into December, it's time to tick off the last of your holiday…

How to Avoid Getting Sick After Flying

Tracy Stewart - October 27, 2020 Do you tend to get sick after returning home from a trip? It’s not…
person looking at kayak website on tablet

The 6 Best Flight Search Sites for Finding Cheap Flights

Tracy Stewart - October 27, 2020 Flight-hunting for your next big trip? There are tons of booking sites, or online…

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