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Wine on a tray table on an airplane

In-Flight Drink & Snack Prices

Tim Charters - February 20, 2020
"What would you like?" Flight attendants ask passengers that question dozens and dozens of times…
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User Guide for a Flexible Dates Search on Orbitz.com

Tim Charters - January 31, 2011
Planning a spring/summer getaway? Take a look at Orbitz if you have any flexibilty with…
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JetAmerica Delays Launch until August

Tim Charters - July 9, 2009
Several weeks ago we discussed the launch of JetAmerica and their entry into the low-cost…
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Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games

Tim Charters - July 8, 2009
With 7 months to go, Vancouver is gearing up to host the 2010 Olympic and…
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Closed For Business: Clear Airport Security Lanes

Tim Charters - June 23, 2009
The dreaded airport security line. We've all been stuck in line behind the one passenger…

Return of the Spirit Coupons ($24 & $35)

Tim Charters - June 15, 2009
Here we go again. Another round of coupon offers from Spirit Airlines. They had this…
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New & Improved Website for US Airways

Tim Charters - June 15, 2009
Finally some of our prayers concerning airlines are being answered. We were alerted today by…

The State of the U.S. Airline Industry

Tim Charters - June 12, 2009
Imagine this scenario: an economy in crisis with more unemployed workers than before, fewer people…
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Booking Airfares Found on Airfarewatchdog

Tim Charters - June 3, 2009
Airfarewatchdog Account? Check. Started receiving our airfare alerts? Check.
Alt tag not provided for image https://www.airfarewatchdog.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/sites/26/2009/06/AFWD_UpdateAccount-300x187.png

Updating Your Airfarewatchdog Account

Tim Charters - June 3, 2009
Yes, it's that time of year again. Time to update your Airfarewatchdog account so you…

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