"What would you like?" Flight attendants ask passengers that question dozens and dozens of times each flight.

Recently, one of our Airfarewatchdog fans asked us to compile a list of drink and snack prices for domestic flights. Beer, wine, cocktails and/or snacks are usually offered on each flight yet prices and menu items vary from one airline to another.

For economy class flights within the U.S., here are the drink and snack prices we found.

 Airline Meals  Beer, Wine, Spirits Snacks or Snackpacks
 Alaska Airlines  $8.50 - $9.50 $7.50 - $8.50  $2.50 - $9.50
 American $4.50 - $9.50  $7 - $16  free cookies or pretzels; premium snacks $3 - $7
 Delta  $10.99 and under $7  free snacks; premium snacks $3.99 and up
 Frontier  $5  $5  $3 to $6
 JetBlue  $10 - $12  $8 - $9  free snacks; snackpacks $9
 Southwest n/a  $6 - $7  free snacks
 Spirit  $5 - $8  $8 - $11  $3 - $4
 Sun Country  $5 and up  $7 - $8  $4
 United  $7 - $10  $8 - $12  $4 - $10

International Flights: Delta offers complimentary beer and wine in economy class for international flights of six hours or more. American and United? Since there is no written confirmation on their websites, we're still verifying whether or not these airlines provide complimentary beer and wine for economy class passengers on international flights.

Credit/Debit - No Cash: Most airlines now have cashless cabins where payment for drinks or snacks will only be allowed by credit or debit card.

As a reminder, alcoholic beverages are for adults 21 and older. Flight attendants will not be afraid to ask you for your ID, so keep your credit card and identification handy.

Remember; moderation is key when drinking on a flight. The last thing you want to do is get into trouble with a flight attendant while having one too many cocktails. Play it cool and have a nice trip!

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