User Guide for a Flexible Dates Search on

Planning a spring/summer getaway? Take a look at Orbitz if you have any flexibilty with your travel dates. With three different search features, you're bound to find an airfare that will meet your schedule. Our step-by-step guide . . . just for you, our Airfarewatchdog fans!


1. Go to the Orbitz homepage.

2. The home page will automatically default to a Quick Search for a Flight. Type in the two cities and/or three letter airport codes you will be traveling From/To.

3. Near the bottom of the light blue box, click on Flexible Dates to start a flexible dates search.

4. The Quick Search box will now have 3 options for a flexible airfare search. Select one.

Option 1 - Weekends
Click on the button in Option 1 and select the month in which you would like to travel. Orbitz will allow you to search for weekend trips over an 11-month period. Weekend flights depart Thursday, Friday or Saturday and return Sunday, Monday or Tuesday.

Option 2 - Bonus Days
Click on the Option 2 button stating "I have some flexibility around my dates". Select your Leave and Return dates. Located in the two drop-down boxes, you may choose from one up to three days before/after your travel dates.

Option 3 - Flexible Stays
Click on the button for Option 3 "I want to take a trip for ....". Select the length of your trip from the dropdown box. Choices for stays start at 2-4 days and run all the way up to 14-16 days.


5. Once you have selected your option, enter in the Travelers details at the bottom of the search box. If you prefer, check the box to receive search results for only non-stop flights.

6. Click on Find to get your flexible search results.

7. A matrix grid of possible airfares will appear with. Click on the price of the airfare that corresponds to your travel dates/itinerary.

If you selected Option 1 - Weekend Fares:

If you selected Option 2 -Bonus Days:

If you selected Option 3 -Flexible Stays:

8. Now you should have a variety of flights to select from on your screen. Scroll up and down the page to view various flights. For other flights/airlines listed in the matrix grid, click on the airline or the number of stops located under the airlines.


9. Click on the Select button for the flight that will meet your travel needs and/or itinerary.

10. Review your itinerary and start following the steps on the subsequent page(s) to finish booking your flight on Orbitz.

Voila! Have a great trip.