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New to Airfarewatchdog?

Jason Ma - November 15, 2009
Signed up for an Airfarewatchdog Fare Alert, but in need of a few pointers on…

When Does Hawaii Go On Sale?

Jason Ma - August 2, 2009
Q.  Aloha Watchdog! Our family is hoping to fly to either Kauai or the Big…

Results for our Re-regulation Survey and the Fall Out!

Jason Ma - March 11, 2009
We asked you whether deregulation was working for you and given the current state of…

Conference Planning Advice Works For Vacations Too!

Jason Ma - March 3, 2009
    I'm planning a conference and am wondering if there are any typical trends…

Save Money With our Handy-Dandy Fee Charts!

Jason Ma - February 26, 2009
  It would be nice if you could keep track of and periodically report not…

Spring Clean Your Account Settings

Jason Ma - February 26, 2009
Q.  I no longer need to search between certain cities and am wondering how I…

We're "Dreamy" and We Have More Dates!

Jason Ma - February 24, 2009
Q.  Why is it that with most of the fares you list , you have…

Now This Is How You Book A Cheap Vacation!

Jason Ma - February 23, 2009
Q.  Just a quick note to thank you for the alert in October about Atlanta…

Freshening-Up Frequent Flyer Miles

Jason Ma - February 22, 2009
Q.  We've been receving a lot of questions like the following three, lately:

Getting A Last Minute Deal

Jason Ma - February 19, 2009
Q.  Are there REALLY any last minute deals for travel?   I have tried numerous sites…

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