Q.  Just a quick note to thank you for the alert in October about Atlanta to Belize City for $200. We are just returning from our trip and had an incredible time!!!!  I tell everyone about your website and review it daily - checking 5 different airports as well as the Top 50 Fares, and the Fare of the Day, plus several international locations!  Thus far, we've traveled to Anchorage, Honolulu and Belize for $200 each - including all taxes!  YOU ROCK !!!  I'm anxiously awaiting your next email alert to determine our next travel destination.  My bags are packed!

A.  We could all learn a lesson from you about using Airfarewatchdog to its best advantage.  One of George's fellow panelists at the LA Times Travel Show last week gave the following piece of advice, "Let the bargain inspire your trip."  And you are obviously Exhibit A for how well that can work.  We salute your free-spirited adventurous approach to travel, which also happens to be saving you a boatload of money on your vacations!

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