Q.  I no longer need to search between certain cities and am wondering how I discontinue a search between New York and Miami. I would like to change cities. Please advise how.

A.  We'd like to suggest to all of our loyal subscribers that the timing is perfect for an early "spring cleaning" of your account settings.  With all the great sales currently happening and vacations on everyone's mind, here are some tips and suggestions so that you'll get the info that you want.

To Access Your Account
Go to the homepage of our website.  You can type in your email address in the "sign up" box or click on the "Newsletter" or "Update My Account" links in the menu on the left.  There's also a "click here" link at the top of every email alert too!  Now it's time to clean-up!

Departure City Alerts
Double-check that you're not getting redundant information by looking at what other cities' fares are included with your home airport.  For example, someone who's signed up for a JFK newsletter doesn't need to sign up for the La Guardia and Newark newsletter too.  The fares are already included. 

Arrival City Alerts
We'd like to remind you that this will show you a list of many different cities for travel TO a single airport that you choose.  Lots of you signed up for this, but decided that you actually did not need this information.  Feel free to take this opportunity to hit the "Clear Airport" button!

You can choose frequency for your Departure City Alerts and any US/Canada Arrival City Alert.  City-to-City & International Arrival City alerts get sent out whenever we have good news for you.

City-to-City Alerts
Time to eliminate old vacations and settings for fares that you've already booked.  Time to add new destinations and upcoming vacations for the warmer months!

Hit the "Update" button to save your changes and make sure you get a confirmation message that the changes have actually taken place.  Otherwise, you'll have to do your spring cleaning again!

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