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American Airlines business class cabin

If you’re looking for a comfortable lie-flat Business Class seat on your next international trip, then you’ve come to the right place. American Airlines’ flagship Boeing 777-300ER offers a spacious seat, comfortable bedding and tasty food, as well as WiFi and some pajamas to take home.

I flew this product back from my original hometown of Sydney, Australia to my adopted home of the U.S. in January 2021. I used 108,400 Qantas Points + $84 in taxes to book this one-way redemption.

Given that travel to and from Australia is very restricted right now, there were only 32 passengers on our 13-hour flight, spread across 304 seats. This made for more personalized service and a very calm flight.

In this review, I look at what to expect from the seat comfort, privacy, customer service, food, drinks and onboard entertainment. Plus, I cover which routes you can find this plane on, and how to book a flight using frequent flyer points.

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Which Routes Can You Fly American Airlines 777-300ER Business Class On?

The Boeing 777-300ER (ER meaning ‘extended range’, for long-haul flying) is AA’s largest plane, with 304 seats. Therefore, it tends to operate on busy international routes (for both passengers and cargo) as well as when domestic demand is high.

You can often find this aircraft flying to places like Hong Kong, London, São Paulo, Sydney and Tokyo. It is often found on domestic hops between major hubs like Dallas/Fort Worth, Los Angeles, Miami and New York JFK.

It’s also the only aircraft that AA operates with First Class.

American Airlines passenger plane in flight

What’s the Difference Between Business Class on the 777-300ER and Other Planes?

AA operates a confusing number of planes with ever-so-slightly different Business Class seats. Basically, if you’re flying internationally, there’s not much of a difference. In short, the seat on this aircraft is the best.

What you’ll find on 777-200 and (larger) 787-9 aircraft is the next best, with a slightly narrower and more open seat. The product on the (smaller) 787-8 is the worst of the international planes, given that your seat is interconnected with your neighbor’s and you can often feel vibrations when they move.

Finally, on most domestic routes, you’ll be in a recliner seat on an aircraft like the Boeing 737 or Airbus A320.

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American Airlines 777-300ER Business Class Seat

This cabin is set up in a 1-2-1 reverse herringbone configuration, meaning that every passenger has direct aisle access. 

American Airlines business class cabin

The muted grey tones and wood panel accents create a minimalist, calming ambiance.

Seat in the business class cabin on American Airlines flight

The individual air vents are fantastic as they allow you to control the temperature at your seat, which is especially important when sleeping.

Business class cabin on American Airlines flight
Business class cabin on American Airlines flight

You’ll enjoy an extra-long bed with comfortable bedding, courtesy of the airline’s partnership with Casper. A mattress pad, pillow and duvet will be waiting at your seat.

Casper mattress pad and pillow on American Airlines plane seat
Airplane seat folded out into horizontal position

There is plenty of room for storing your belongings like cell phones, laptops/tablets and chargers.

Storage center near plane seat in American Airlines business class cabin
Storage center near plane seat in American Airlines business class cabin

Which Are The Best Seats In American Airlines 777-300ER Business Class?

Solo passengers will want to aim for an A or J seat to be close to the window. Drilling down, right-handers may prefer J, whereas left-handers will have access to the side table on their left-hand side when seated in an A seat.

Seat in business class cabin on American Airlines flight

Those traveling with a companion may choose two center seats, which are D and G.

Business class cabin on American Airlines flight

If you’re looking for privacy, try to select a bulkhead seat in Row 3. This is located in the mini cabin, which consists of two rows behind First Class.

Then comes the galley and Rows 5 to 15, which is the main Business Class cabin. These rows are fine too but you will be around a lot more passengers.

Rows to avoid due to noise are 4, 5 and 15. Finally, Row 11 is missing a window, so it isn’t the best choice either.

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American Airlines 777-300ER Business Class Food and Beverage

Let’s talk about my favorite topic: food. Whilst lacking the finesse of some Middle Eastern and Asian carriers bringing out several courses, does it really matter if they are served on the one tray?

I have flown on a lot of different airlines, meaning I’ve tried inflight food of varying qualities. I have to say that the food on this flight was fantastic.

Meal served on American Airlines business class flight

The highlights for me were a delicious crab appetizer and juicy fish dish for my main course, topped off with a decadent cheesecake that was out of this world.

Meal served on American Airlines business class flight

There is also a large selection of drinks. Here is the menu from my flight:

Drink menu from Business Class food service on American Airlines flight

American Airlines 777-300ER Business Class Service

As (almost) always, I found the crew on this AA flight to be friendly and down-to-earth. 

As on most airlines, pre-departure beverages were skipped due to COVID-19 but were promptly served after takeoff.

All meal services were quick to deliver and clean up, expedited by the fact there were less than 10 people in the Business Class cabin and everything was served on one tray.

American Airlines 777-300ER Business Class Entertainment

If I were to change one thing about this seat, it would be to increase the size of the entertainment screen. Nevertheless, it suffices just fine and the touchscreen is convenient and reliable.

Entertainment screen on Business Class American Airlines flight

Some airlines skimp on their headphones. With AA, you’ll get high-quality Bang & Olufsen noise-canceling headphones to block out any noise and enjoy your flight in peace.

Noise cancelling headphones provided in Business Class on American Airlines flight
Noise cancelling headphones

American Airlines 777-300ER Business Class Amenities

As a Business Class passenger, you’ll get a useful amenities kit, which I think is above-average compared to other airlines. You’ll also get breathable pajamas and cozy slippers.

Amenities kit on American Airlines Business Class flight
Pajamas provided on American Airlines Business Class flight
Slippers provided on American Airlines Business Class flight

WiFi is available for purchase (prices vary depending on the length of your flight.) I clocked download speeds of up to 20 Mbps but uploads were slow at 1 Mbps. Note that you can only use one device at a time, i.e. if you are browsing on your laptop and then switch to your phone, it will log you off the laptop.

How Can I Book American Airlines With Points & Miles?

Of course, you can use American Airlines AAdvantage miles to book an award redemption. You’ll usually find the necessary taxes and fees to be reasonable.

You can also use points with other oneworld loyalty programs like Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan, British Airways Executive Club and Cathay Pacific Asia Miles.

A few highlights are (all prices one-way):

  • 16,500 British Airways Avios New York - Miami
  • 22,000 British Airways Avios Los Angeles - Dallas/Fort Worth
  • 57,500 AAdvantage miles from the US to Europe or South America
  • 70,000 Alaska miles from the US to Asia
  • 80,000 AAdvantage miles from the US to Australia or New Zealand

Bottom Line: What’s American Airlines 777-300ER Business Class Like?

This is a great product. You’ll get a comfortable, lie-flat seat that offers a high degree of privacy. In bed mode, you’ll enjoy the comfortable Casper mattress pad and duvet, as well as some pyjamas and slippers to get you in the mood.

Some say the food can be hit-and-miss on AA, but my experiences have all been positive (I’ve flown internationally with them five times.) And the service is usually warm and friendly.

If you find a good cash fare or, alternatively, award availability to book with points or miles, then I say go for it!

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