Dreaming of llamas and ceviche? Fly to Peru for around $200 roundtrip from several U.S. and Canadian cities! Interjet is discounting flights to Mexico, Central America, and South America up to 80% off the base fare. Fares are as low as $164 roundtrip to Mexico and only $197 roundtrip to South America.

Interjet Launches New "Ultra Light" Fares with an Incredible Flash Sale

This flash sale compliments the launch of Interjet's brand new "Ultra Light" fare class. The new fare class does not include checked bags on any route and carry-on baggage is limited to two bags with a combined max weight of 22 lbs. Checked bag fees start at $30 each way.

Good news for travelers between US/Canada and Mexico; this is no different than the previous lowest "Light" fare class. However, Interjet's lowest fares to Central America and South America will no longer include any checked luggage.

Travel Availability

Travel dates vary by route. Most fares are pretty wide open for travel dates between late April and June 2020. Many routes will also have scattered dates available between mid-January and March. A few routes have these low fares available for fall 2019 travel as well.

Travel dates in early April will have much higher fares, but you may be able to find these prices over spring break travel dates in March.

Many connecting routes require longer layovers than usual in Mexico. Some of the schedules require extended stops either during the day or overnight. Click on the fare details below for specifics.

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Sale Period

Tickets must be booked by July 11, 2019.

Sample Fares

Toronto to Cancun $164 USD/$214 CAD roundtrip, nonstop

Montreal to Cancun $169 USD/$220 CAD roundtrip, nonstop

Toronto to Guatemala $185 USD/$242 CAD roundtrip

Montreal to Guatemala $189 USD/$247 CAD roundtrip

Toronto to Mexico City $190 USD/$249 CAD roundtrip, nonstop

Toronto to San Salvador $191 USD/$250 CAD roundtrip

Montreal to Mexico City $195 USD/$255 CAD roundtrip, nonstop

Toronto to Lima $197 USD/$258 CAD roundtrip

Montreal to Lima $202 USD/$265 CAD roundtrip

New York to Oaxaca $203 roundtrip

San Antonio to Guadalajara $205 roundtrip, nonstop

Toronto to Bogota $206 USD/$270 CAD roundtrip

Toronto to Medellin $206 USD/$270 CAD roundtrip

New York to Guatemala $207 roundtrip

San Francisco to Guadalajara $209 roundtrip, nonstop

Montreal to Bogota $211 USD/$276 CAD roundtrip

Montreal to Medellin $211 USD/$276 CAD roundtrip

Dallas to Mexico City $216 roundtrip, nonstop

Houston to Mexico City $216 roundtrip, nonstop

Dallas to Lima $220 roundtrip

Houston to Lima $220 roundtrip

New York to Lima $220 roundtrip

Las Vegas to Lima $220 roundtrip

Los Angeles to Lima $220 roundtrip

Miami to Lima $220 roundtrip

Chicago to Lima $220 roundtrip

San Antonio to Lima $220 roundtrip

Orlando to Lima $220 roundtrip

New York to Mexico City $220 roundtrip, nonstop

Los Angeles to Mexico City $220 roundtrip, nonstop

Chicago to Mexico City $220 roundtrip, nonstop

Los Angeles to Puerto Escondido $220 roundtrip

Los Angeles to Chetumal $220 roundtrip

New York to Cancun $224 roundtrip

Los Angeles to Cancun $224 roundtrip

San Antonio to Cancun $224 roundtrip

Montreal to Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo $224 USD/$292 CAD roundtrip

Chicago to Veracruz $227 roundtrip

Dallas to Huatulco $228 roundtrip

New York to Bogota $229 roundtrip

Chicago to Bogota $229 roundtrip

Miami to Bogota $229 roundtrip

Houston to Bogota $229 roundtrip

Dallas to Bogota $229 roundtrip

Los Angeles to Bogota $229 roundtrip

San Antonio Bogota $229 roundtrip

New York to Medellin $229 roundtrip

Los Angeles to Medellin $229 roundtrip

Dallas to Medellin $229 roundtrip

Houston to Medellin $229 roundtrip

Las Vegas to Medellin $229 roundtrip

San Antonio to Medellin $229 roundtrip

Chicago to Medellin $229 roundtrip

Orlando to Medellin $229 roundtrip

Vancouver to Mexico City $231 USD/$302 CAD roundtrip, nonstop

Los Angeles to Cozumel $232 roundtrip

Los Angeles to San Jose, Costa Rica $233 roundtrip

Chicago to San Jose, Costa Rica $233 roundtrip

New York to San Jose, Costa Rica $233 roundtrip

Chicago to Cabo San Lucas $236 roundtrip

Miami to Puerto Vallarta $237 roundtrip

Houston to Mazatlan $247 roundtrip

Vancouver to Guatemala $256 USD/$335 CAD roundtrip

Vancouver to Bogota $277 USD/$363 CAD roundtrip

Vancouver to San Jose, Costa Rica $282 USD/$369 CAD roundtrip

Although lengthy, this is not a comprehensive list of deals. Nearly all routes on Interjet have deep discounts with prices in the low $200s to cities throughout Mexico and Central/South America.

For more deals to Latin America, have a look at all of our fares on all airlines to Mexico City (MEX), Cancun (CUN), Guadalajara (GDL), Guatemala (GUA), San Jose, Costa Rica (SJO), Bogota (BOG), and Lima (LIM).

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These "Ultra Light" fares include two pieces of carry-on luggage with a max combined weight of 22 lbs. Checked bag fees start at $30 each way when booked online.

Seat Selection

Seats will be assigned at random upon check-in for these prices. You may pay a fee to choose a specific seat.

Alternate Fares

Don't be fooled into upgrading to Interjet's "Light" fare. It is pretty much never worth it. On flights to/from Mexico, there is no difference in your baggage allowance. For flights to/from Central and South America, the "Light" fare does include one free checked bag, but the price difference is much more than it is to simply add checked baggage a la carte to the "Ultra Light" fare. The only other difference between the "Light" and "Ultra Light" fares is slightly lower change fees. Again, not worth the difference in cost.

If you're in the San Diego area, make sure to check out flights from Tijuana (TIJ), which you can access directly from the U.S. side of the border via the Cross Border Xpress bridge.

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Example Booking

As an example, I found flights departing Toronto YYZ on Tuesday, May 12, returning from Lima LIM on Friday, May 29, for $197 USD/$258 CAD roundtrip.

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