Great news for all the songstresses, surfers, and slope swishers. American Airlines announced that it’s eliminating oversized baggage fees on common sporting and music equipment effective immediately. This includes skis, snowboards, surfboards, guitars, and even your concert tuba if you’re willing to put it in the cargo hold.

Under the new policy, an oversized bag will be reduced from $150 for the first checked piece down to $30 – the current price for a standard first piece of luggage. Oversized items will still be required to fall into the listed size guidelines and meet the 50lbs/23kg weight limit per piece to avoid additional charges.

Select items such as scuba tanks, antlers, and hand gliders will still incur the $150 fee due to special handling requirements.

To learn more about American's new baggage policy rules, you can click here for an informational video.

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