Has this happened to you? You get an email from your mom, hit the reply button, but accidentally (we think you did it accidentally) hit the spam or "this is junk" button? Happens to the best of us. Yep, even we've done it. But if you hit spam on one of our emails, or even an email received from one of our related companies (such as Smarter Travel or Booking Buddy), you won't be able to sign up for our wonderful, free emails again. That's why some of you might be receiving a "you're not allowed to sign up" message when you discover you're not getting emails from us anymore and try to sign up again. The only way you can get back in our good graces is to send an email to questions@airfarewatchdog.com and request to be "unbanned." We don't do this to be mean; it's just following best internet practices. Hey, it might even be a law or something.

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